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My name is James Milli and I am from Cleveland, OH. I am 22 years old and graduating college from Cleveland State University. Playing soccer all my life and in college I had quite a different college experience than some and really learned a lot along the way. I will receive my diploma for a bachelors in finance. I feel the degree has taught me one of the most important lessons in my life. That lesson is if you go to college be sure to self-educate. College is missing a major part of every single students key to becoming successful. These so called secrets that are in thousands of different business books (right… secrets) are right in front of all us! There is so much information that can direct us on our path. Where we can make something that we never imagined come to life. We can create this path that allows us to live life on our own terms.
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One Thing Most People Are Missing In This Modern Day Is Unlimited Memory. It Is Much Easier Than.. Most Think, It Is Time To Unleash Unlimited Memory.

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People Do Not Like To Stare Their Biggest Ugliest Frogs Right In The Eyes. The Time Has Come Where.. You Do Not Have To Procrastinate Any Task.

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