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guten Tag, fellow heathens.

My name is Danny Korves, an American with Germanic roots. I was raised by a southern Baptist mother, a genuine snake grabbing Pentecostal father, and became a hardcore Atheist at a very young age. Do you wonder why? Now I work for a Catholic organization. It’s a crazy world we live in.

What has always bothered me, and is the main factor which drove me to Atheism, is all the hypocrisy I seen in those who tried to cram their religion down my throat. Be it the crazy cousins who fought so I could not see the band KISS. You know, because the band name stands for Knights In Satan’s Service. Or how about that certain attendee at my mother’s wake who passed me a note stating “I know you don’t believe in God now, but when you come to your senses later on in life, please remember Jesus’ words…”. And how about that lovable, but crazy, Pentecostal man who preached how to live a pure life, but was banging ever piece of single ass he could lay his married hands on. Show me the love brother, show me the love.

Let us just say that I was content with life and my spirituality, or better yet, the lack of it. That was until I was hired to work for a Catholic organization. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religious people or religious organizations that genuinely help people or try to better mankind. Part of my job with the Catholics was to learn their mission leadership policies, which are used to serve local people. These policies, of course, were heavily dipped in the good book also known as the bible.

At this point in my life, being a man of forty plus years, I found myself more interested in the historical factors of my new mission leadership teachings. This lead me to research the one thing that really despised me as a young man. Religion.

I began watching documentaries about the Roman Christ Jesus, both books of old and new testament, even videos that covered Emperor Constantine’s blatant corruption of the Christian faith. You know, or maybe you didn’t, but Constantine was the pagan who combine one part Jesus, with two parts Apollo, and a little dash of Mithras. What a crazy guy, huh?

Being a man of both Germanic and Celtic bloodlines, and thought it would be fun to acquaint myself with their ancient religious practices. I’ve always been a fan of history, archaeology, and even paleontology. So when I started buying books on the subjects of the Germanic and Norse gods, Nordic runes, and religious reconstruction-ism, I just could not get enough. Here was something that my ancestors practiced and believed in, at their own will mind you, and was around long before the Romans step foot in the forests of Germania, as well as the sandy shores of the British Isles.

Then I discovered a book covering the topic of Ásatrú. What was it, I asked myself. I was amazed that people were still practicing what my ancestors hand founded thousands of years ago. What can I say, I was hooked.

Even though I am a well educated man, with critical thinking skills, I can no longer justify waving the flag of Atheism! I found my channel to a means of spiritualism. Do I blindly believe that there are gods such as Odin out there watching over me. I’m not quite sure of that yet. I am sure though, that something in my ancestors past led them to believe in the Æsir pantheon. Be it godly beings, space aliens from another solar system, or creatures from another dimension, at some point an event changed their world. I would like to be part of that world.

Hence the creation of the blog.
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Ratatoskr is a squirrel. Squirrels like to gossip. The Squirrel Edda blog is for anyone one.. interested in Norse Mythology, the religion of Asatru, and other culture's myths.

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