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To put it in a nut shell, I am “Backpacker Granny” I am seventy-two years’ young. In truth going on twenty-two. I have four of the most beautiful grandchildren ever to grace the face of this earth. I love them to bits and naturally for me I am the luckiest gran of all grans.

Backpackergranny’s blog is dedicated to those admirable and amazing people who are now well over the sweet age of whatever! Who feel they are still only fledglings! Folk who want to do and see exciting things. Those who really don't want to spend the remaining years of their lives stuck in a rocking chair. They who ignore what the dearly beloved family say!
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I am 72 and a backpacker granny. My blog describes many funny stories of what happens while I am.. travelling the world. I endeavor to give inspiration to people in my age group who still.. haven't got the courage to get up and go.

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