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A Gundam focused blog with Gundam modeling news, reviews, and much much more.

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  • C.Jin's All-Time Favorite Games: Part II
    on Feb 13, 2016 in Articles Video Games
    I'm about to dig into ancient history here, but back in the day (a Tuesday), I made a post about my all-time favorite games. I was supposed to follow it up immediately with a part II, but I was like meh so I didn't. So, here we are, 5 years later. He...
  • Top 5 Shields in Gundam
    on Apr 21, 2015 in Gundam Gundam Top 5
    I've done the top 5 "big guns", and I've done melee weapons, so naturally it's time we moved on to shields. This one was a little harder to compile a list for because there are just so many shields; pretty much every mobile suit is equipped with one.
  • Wii U; Super Mario 3D World
    on Apr 18, 2015 in Nintendo Video Games
    I'll admit; I haven't had a Nintendo home console in my possession since the Super Nintendo. I mostly grew up a Sony guy, and I still rely on the Playstation brand to bring me my gaming. That's why whenever people my age reminisce about how great the...
  • Fatal Frame III: The Tormented [Now Playing]
    on Mar 22, 2015 in Now Playing Video Games
    I have a weird relationship with horror games. I really like horror theming and scary stories in general, but I'm also a candy-ass when it comes to actually playing horror games. Every playthrough is like a battle between my appreciation of the exper...
  • Top 10 Final Fantasy Girls
    on Aug 26, 2014 in Final Fantasy Top 10 Video Games
    There's really no end to the amount of Final Fantasy top ten lists I can make, is there? This time, I'll be honoring the women of Final Fantasy and counting down the best female characters of all time. Now, before we start, I've got to make one thing...
  • The End of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
    on Jun 11, 2014 in Gundam Gundam Unicorn
    **Spoilers Ahead**I finally got around to concluding the Unicorn OVA with a viewing of Vol. 7 - "Over the Rainbow". It was almost surreal to me that the years went by so fast, considering how long we had to wait between 7 different episodes. The fina...
  • Sony Trinitron KV-27FV310A Link to the Past, muthafackasWhen I first started my gaming collection a few months back, I had to hook up my SNES to an HDTV. Needless to say, I had a bad time. It looked plain awful. So I went on the web and did some searching, and found out that...
  • Top 10 SNES Games of All Time
    on May 19, 2014 in Super Nintendo Top 10 Video Games
    The Super Nintendo, or SNES, is my favorite video game console of all time. It's home to such an expansive library of incredible, timeless games that I wouldn't even hesitate to call it the greatest video game console. I think part of what makes it s...
  • Super Nintendo [Game Collection]So, what have I been doing these past few months? Well, my interest in Gundam has been waning for awhile now, but my interest in video game collecting has been growing exponentially. I'm out of college with a disposable income, so I've been dedicatin...
  • Yoshiyuki Tomino Directing New Anime 'Gundam: G no Reconguista'
    on May 7, 2014 in Anime Gundam Gundam News
    Boom! Big announcement! Yoshiyuki Tomino, the man who created the Gundam franchise, is directing a new Gundam series! It's called Gundam: G no Reconguista, and it's set to air in the fall of 2014. Man, I'm always in for a surprise when I visit Gundam...
  • Top 5 Opening Themes in Gundam
    on Nov 23, 2013 in Gundam Gundam Top 5
    Here's the next in my series of music-related Gundam Top 5 posts. My first list focused on battle themes, so I thought it would be interesting to move on to actual songs. We'll be counting down the catchiest, most memorable opening themes in Gundam a...
  • MG Gundam X, MG Proto Zero
    on Nov 23, 2013 in Gunpla Gunpla News
    My god; a lot has happened since I've been out of the loop. I rarely keep up with gunpla news, so whenever I decide to check up on it, I find a ridiculous handful of good news. Let's see...The oddly named "Proto" version of the Wing Zero has already...
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening [Now Playing]
    on Aug 29, 2013 in 3DS Now Playing Video Games
    It's been a long time coming, but I finally got myself a 3DS. Now, to be honest, I actually thought very poorly of the 3DS when it was struggling during its launch. But, as the years went by, the library of games started stacking up and I found that...
  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen [Now Playing]
    on Aug 29, 2013 in Now Playing Video Games
    I've been home doing nothing for the past few weeks, so out of an intense need to keep myself busy, I decided to look for an addictive RPG to play. My choices ranged from Skyrim to Dark Souls, but for whatever reason, I ended up buying Dragon's Dogma...
  • Top 5 Epic Battle Themes in Gundam
    on Aug 18, 2013 in Gundam Gundam Top 5
    For the first time, I'm going to be celebrating the music in Gundam. The idea came to me from one of the suggestions in my Suggestions for Gundam Top 5 post. Though it's not the exact suggestion, it'll definitely be the first in a series of similar l...
  • Suggestions for Gundam Top 5
    on Jul 27, 2013 in Blog Update Gundam Gundam Top 5
    I recently realized that my priority should be creating more Gundam Top 5 content, considering its the main source of traffic for my blog. But as I got around to starting a new one, I realized that I was fresh out of ideas. There are plenty of easy l...
  • New TV Series: Gundam Build Fighters
    on Jul 8, 2013 in Gundam News Gundam
    You may have noticed all the reports in the last few days, hinting at a big new Gundam announcement. Well here's the news: a new TV series has been announced. It's called Gundam Build Fighters, and it seems to revolve around gunpla. For more informat...
  • Best Gundam Protagonist?
    on Jul 6, 2013 in Gundam Random
    Just like I did with my Top 5 Gundam Series post, I want to poll people on what they think about the question of who the top Gundam protagonist is. I actually made a Top 5 Gundam Protagonists post in the past, but it was awful and I've sinc...
  • Songs of Final Fantasy: Top 10 Battle Themes
    on Jul 1, 2013 in Video Games Final Fantasy Top 10
    Here's a shocker: I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I absolutely love the series, and I've been a fan since Clinton was in office. I've played every title in the series several times, and the one thing that always sticks with me is the music. The vari...
  • MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW Announced
    on Jun 27, 2013 in Gunpla News Gundam
    This is sort of amazing news. The long awaited Master Grade Wing Zero has finally been announced. Now, to be honest, I was waiting for the TV version to get the MG treatment so this announcement disappointed me for a split second. Still, I think this...