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Welcome to my world of precious moments, and "please-let's-forget-about-it" mishaps. .. Tag along with me as I turn those snakes and snails (or whatever little boys are made of) into.. something that I can cherish... or at least live with!

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  • Caleb's Washington Monument
    on Nov 27, 2011
    For those of you on pins and needles about Caleb's last minute project... here are some pictures to prove that I actually did help him get it done!!! To read about my downfall as a mother... go HERE!
  • This is what I found while I was making dinner...
    on Nov 27, 2011
    We have a rule about no TV or XBox on a school night. (unless it involves Max and Ruby or Team Umizoomi to keep Brooks occupied)Turns out, when they get bored enough, they READ!!!
  • "I like to look for rainbows..."
    on Nov 17, 2011
    Despite what they say, it is possible to have a "right-out-of-a-fairy-tale-moment" with 3 kids! It's tricky.... the stars have to be aligned and it often requires a little heavenly help, but it is possible. Our heavenly help came in the form of an...
  • Leaves... please leave!
    on Nov 14, 2011
    Every fall, our yard gets buried in leaves! One year, we had 70 bags of leaves out front waiting patiently (ever so patiently) as the garbage collector took a mere 8 bags each week. Since that first year, I have gotten more efficient in my bagging...
  • she's warming my heart
    on Nov 9, 2011
    This is what I found on my front porch the other day. The neighbor's cat. I'm not particularly fond of cats. Let's be honest... I can't stand them. But this hasn't always been the case. I remember my first childhood pet, which was a black kitten...
  • morning wake up call
    on Nov 7, 2011
    THIS IS WHAT I HEARD THIS MORNING! (click on the link)FYI: I don't live near a train station or train tracks. Unless you're counting the one in Brooks' room.Looks harmless enough, right? When he wanted to leave it out before going to bed, the thou...
  • he's at it again...
    on Nov 6, 2011
    We have a Houdini in the family. We purchased the best lock we could find to keep Brooks in his room, not only to prevent him from waking up everyone in the house at 3am... but also for his own safety! And now that he is no longer taking a nap, it...
  • trick or treat!
    on Oct 31, 2011
    Halloween Eve was not a happy day for Brooks. It actually started out the night before at the Trunk or Treat. By the time we got home, he had worked himself into an angry, candy-overloaded tizzy! So when I came downstairs early Sunday morning to f...
  • who says you don't use algebra as a mom
    on Oct 26, 2011
    If you've ever felt like your brain is going to mush because of lack of use... try THESE mind benders to ward off the Alzheimer's! Algebraic Equation:Multiplication: Distributive PropertySample: 4(a + b) = xMom Equation:4 days (chocolate milk in sipp...
  • you might be a bad mom, if you did this...
    on Oct 25, 2011
    Last Friday was NOT one of my finest moments as a mom. Even as I write this, I'm experiencing serious inner conflict about admitting this. But one of my goals is to be more humble... so here I go.9:00 p.m. last ThursdayI crawl out of Brooks' bed an...
  • grocery line etiquette
    on Oct 17, 2011
    I don't like to make judgments about people based on a person's age. But I also can't argue with facts. Quite often while I am paying for my groceries, I am crowded at the grocery store check-out. I think most people understand the unspoken rule a...
  • Just a mini-toot on my mini-horn for my mini-shades
    on Oct 12, 2011
    I've had my eye on some mini-shades for my dining room chandelier for some time now... but have NOT been willing to spend well over $50 to buy them new.Sooooooooooooooo I found some old, mis-matched, atrocious looking shades for a buck a piece at Goo...
  • 2 funerals and a cemetary
    on Oct 10, 2011
    This past week, my boys have experienced and dealt with death. For them, it was filled with fascination and intrigue.As for the wildlife in our back yard?... It has been a pretty tragic week.When I saw Josh carrying the dead corpse of a squirrel, whi...
  • labor of love
    on Oct 1, 2011
    Tonight I got a hankerin' for some good 'ole fashioned comfort food... not just any old comfort food... my Grandma's famous rice pudding! The problem is, Grandma lives 6,000 miles away in Alaska, and the last time I tried making her recipe, it was a...
  • gave myself a headache
    on Sep 26, 2011
    Yesterday afternoon, I decided that I was going to "play legos" with the boys. What started out as a fun, creative afternoon, turned into me squinting and scrutinizing over thousands of lego pieces in search of every piece in a Fire Station lego set...
  • totally humiliated
    on Sep 22, 2011
    I think there's a point in your life where you decide that "public humiliation" is a thing of the past. No more being laughed at because you had a zit on your nose, or because you started your period in the junior high showers. (By the way, I'm just...
  • "look at them guns"
    on Sep 15, 2011
    Today I was driving back from my morning of running errands, and came across a car that was blocking the right lane. A small, grandma-ish woman was on the side of the road mumbling, and putting her hands in the air. Cars were swerving around her and...
  • thesaurus
    on Sep 10, 2011
    Frequently my two oldest boys find themselves writing sentences for not obeying or talking back. They don't particularly like it... but it quiets them down, and gives me a chance to process what I'm going to do next.Caleb has simple sentences that he...
  • shuffle
    on Sep 8, 2011
    Tonight I plugged myself into my iPod... pressed "shuffle" and decided to listen to whatever came up next... no exceptions. I play these little games with myself to make chores more fun. Normally my thought process while doing dishes is something l...
  • Iguana poop
    on Sep 6, 2011
    Brooks and I just learned how to make strawberry plants grow on Go Diego Go. See, a big storm came and destroyed all the strawberry plants right before the Strawberry Festival! Oh no! Now Abuelito needs help to grow enough strawberries in time for...