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My accounting corporation, Emil Estafanous, CPA, provides an integrated suite of tax preparation, tax planning, tax advocacy, payroll, QuickBooks mentoring and financial planning services for businesses and individuals. In addition to being one of the Los Angeles area’s leading CPAs, I am also a seasoned business owner, future trader, and real estate and stock investor — experience that enhances my ability to help clients make the most of today’s best opportunities to protect and enhance wealth. I am licensed in California, but serve clients across the United States.

FREE Review of Your Past 3 Years of Tax Returns: If you are a business owner, there is a good chance you’ve “double paid” taxes in the past three years. I will review your 3 most recent tax returns at no charge and tell you how much refund potential there is. As a result of this free offer, some of my clients have received refunds of as much as $110,000. Because of the 3-year statute of limitations, please do not wait: call me now at (562)868-6333 or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Tax Planning: I monitor complex and continually changing U.S. and state tax laws to keep you in compliance and out of trouble. From making purchases to structuring contracts and investments, I also help you make decisions and meet deadlines for cutting what you owe at tax time. In addition, I have special expertise in managing the tax issues surrounding real estate investments and futures trading.

Tax Preparation: I’ll help you gather data and documentation and identify tax savings you might otherwise overlook. By leveraging every requirement, deduction and opportunity in today’s state and Federal tax laws, I’ll prepare your return so you pay an absolute minimum in income, capital gains, payroll and other personal and business taxes.

Tax Advocacy: For almost three decades, I have successfully represented clients in resolving tax problems ranging from audits and payroll tax issues to back taxes, wage garnishments, spousal relief, non-filed returns, bankruptcy, and IRS levies, liens, and seizures. Many times, by exploring where the money owed to IRS has gone, I have actually been able to use losses to offset a client owes.

Financial Planning: I help my clients free themselves from the constraints and worries of living paycheck to paycheck, crisis to crisis. No matter where clients start, I can map out an attainable plan for securing a comfortable retirement, paying for education, protecting their family, building wealth and leaving a legacy to their heirs or to a worthy cause.

Payroll Services: By handling routine payroll services, I gain valuable perspective on day-to-day business operations. From this vantage point, I can assure that payroll and legal requirements are met efficiently, and provide ongoing financial and business guidance, including how to cut costs, bring in more business, optimize credit, avoid lawsuits and keep from having too much money in the business at any one point in time.

QuickBooks Mentoring: I am a certified QuickBooks Advisor so I can offer clients hands-on help with everything from setup and training, to customizing the software or generating — and using — the most meaningful reports for your specific business.

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