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A Blog for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, many Information about: Liposuction, Breast Lift or.. augmentation, Eyelid surgery, Ear surgery, Abdominoplasty and much more

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2 - Gynpedia

A Site For Women`s Health Obstetrics and Gynecology and plastic surgery

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3 - Medpedia

Medpedia is a medical information site.

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Asthma is a chronic condition involving the respiratory system in which the airways occasionally.. constrict, become inflamed, and are lined with excessive amounts of mucus, often in response to one.. or more triggers.

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The Daily Quote Site

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6 - Migraine

A migraine is more than just a headache - it is a chronic illness and almost 28 million people.. suffer from it.

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  • Studie: Fastfood fördert womöglich Alzheimer
    on Nov 28, 2008
    © Peter Parks28.11.2008 Eine zucker- und fettreiche Ernährung steigert laut einer Studie möglicherweise die Wahrscheinlichkeit, an Alzheimer zu erkranken. Schwedische Wissenschaftler, die genetisch veränderte Mäuse neun Monate lang mit süßen...
  • Welche Beschwerden treten bei einem Meningeom auf?
    on Nov 15, 2008
    Da Meningeome langsam über Jahre wachsen, verursachen sie oft lange Zeit gar keine Beschwerden und werden wenn überhaupt erst spät entdeckt.Die ersten Anzeichen eines Hirnhauttumors können vielfältig sein. Entscheidend ist oft der Tumorort, je...
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Repair Surgery
    on Oct 25, 2008
    More Information
  • Leben mit Multipler Sklerose
    on Oct 22, 2008
    Manchmal ist es ein merkwürdiges Gefühl in den Beinen, extreme Müdigkeit oder eine Sehstörung. Es können aber auch Probleme bei der Darmentleerung oder Unsicherheiten beim Gehen und Stehen sein. Scheinbar Kleinigkeiten - trotzdem kann es sinnvol...
  • Komplikationen beim Arschgeweih
    on Oct 20, 2008
    Ob ein Ring in der Nase oder das berühmte "Arschgeweih" - über den ästhetischen Wert von Piercings und Tätowierungen lässt sich streiten. Fest steht, dass es sich nicht um einen medizinisch notwendigen Eingriff handelt. Deshalb können gese
  • Bandscheibenvorfall bleibt manchmal unbemerkt
    on Oct 19, 2008
    Bei starken Schmerzen im unteren Rücken vermuten Betroffene häufig einen Bandscheibenvorfall. Doch das ist nicht immer der Fall. "Ein Bandscheibenvorfall macht sich durch ganz typische Schmerzen bemerkbar", sagt Wolfgang Bolten, Ärztlicher Di
  • what is Migraine?
    on Oct 13, 2008
    DefinitionA migraine can be disabling — with symptoms so severe, all you can think about is finding a dark, quiet place to lie down. Up to 17 percent of women and 6 percent of men have experienced a migraine.In some cases, these painful headaches a...
  • Liposuction Procedure, How?
    on Oct 10, 2008
  • Liposuction
    on Oct 5, 2008
    Liposuction Procedure:Improves body shape by removing exercise-resistant fat deposits with a tube and a vacuum device. This procedure can be performed using the tumescent or the super-wet techniques. Liposuction techniques typically are performed aft...
  • Face Lift
    on Oct 5, 2008
    Face LiftProcedure:Improves sagging facial skin, jowls and loose neck skin by removing excess fat, tightening muscles and re-draping skin.Length:Approximately four hours.Anesthesia:Usually general anesthesia is used or the patient may elect to have s...
  • Breast Reduction
    on Oct 1, 2008
    Breast ReductionProcedure:A breast reduction, also referred to as a reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reduce the size and improve the shape of the breasts. Typically, women who are candidates for this procedure have physical symptoms...
  • Breast Lift
    on Oct 1, 2008
    Breast LiftProcedure:This operation removes excess skin in and around the breast that has been stretched during pregnancy or weight fluctuations. Breast implants may also be used in conjunction with this procedure to achieve the desired result.Length...
  • Abdominoplasty
    on Oct 1, 2008
    AbdominoplastyProcedure:The excess skin and fat are removed surgically from the abdominal area. Depending on the needs of the patient, the muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened. The incision is a half moon shape (length dependant on the mass of...
  • Eyelid Surgery
    on Oct 1, 2008
    Eyelid SurgeryProcedure:Alters drooping upper eyelid skin and the puffy bags below the eyes by removing excess fat, skin and muscle.Length:Approximately two hours.Anesthesia:General anesthesia or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia are used.Inp...
  • Breast Augmentation
    on Oct 1, 2008
    Breast Augmentation Procedure:Improves the size and appearance of the breasts by implanting saline or silicone implants if applicable (the use of gel-filled implants may be government regulated) either under or over the chest muscle, thus producing a...
  • Ear Surgery
    on Oct 1, 2008
    Ear SurgeryProcedure:Sets prominent ears back closer to the head and/or reduces the size of large ears. This procedure is most often performed on children between the ages of four and fourteen and may be covered by insurance.Length:Approximately two...
  • Chemical Peel
    on Oct 1, 2008
    Chemical PeelProcedure:Restores wrinkled, blemished, unevenly pigmented, or sun-damaged facial skin, using a chemical solution to peel away the skin's top layers. This procedure works best on fair, thin skin with superficial wrinkles.Length:The proce
  • Diagnosis
    on Sep 29, 2008
    Some things your doctor will ask about include:-Periods of coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness that come on suddenly, occur often, or seem to happen during certain times of the year or season-Colds that seem to "go to the ches
  • Migraine
    on Sep 29, 2008
    A migraine is more than just a headache - it is a chronic illness and almost 28 million people suffer from it. Recent research into what works to prevent and control migraine headaches has lessened the suffering for the millions in need of assistance...
  • What causes Asthma?
    on Sep 27, 2008
    What Causes Asthma?It is not clear exactly what makes the airways of people with asthma inflamed in the first place. Your inflamed airways may be due to a combination of things. We know that if other people in your family have asthma, you are more li...