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  • Do It Yourself: Jab's Homemade Laundry Detergent
    on Aug 30, 2009
    There are many ways to save money. Gardening for food is a great way of cutting costs, in fact, it has been shown that in times of financial crisis, more people start planting food instead of flowers in their garden.But there are other ways to cut s...
  • Tip: Cut That Cable Bill
    on Aug 27, 2009
    If you're finding you just can't live without cable TV (and why not, if you're not working you have plenty of time to catch up on all the wonderful soaps, infomercials and sitcom repeats that you usually miss out on while you were working).Remember w...
  • An Unnecessary Tragedy
    on Aug 26, 2009
    I haven't written for awhile for personal reasons, sadly it also has to do with unemployment. Someone I knew in college recently committed suicide. Although I wasn't close with the deceased, a good friend of mine is and he has been really torn up a...
  • Stick to a Budget (Or Create One)
    on Aug 11, 2009
    It's really hard to stick to a budget if you don't actually know what your budget is. Since I'm still a renter, I have quite a few less bills to worry about each month or quarter. Some expenses are fixed (such as rent or a mortgage), other bills fl...
  • Collecting Benefits (aka Being Denied)
    on Aug 9, 2009
    Could the system be any more confusing? I suppose it could if the bureaucrats deem it necessary. I have chosen to do my submissions online, since I rarely trust the postal service. Considering the daily mail volume the USPS handles, I'm sure a new...
  • Recently Unemployed (8 Weeks and Counting)
    on Aug 8, 2009
    Ahhh yes, adventures of unemployment. Seems to be a fairly popular thing to do these days, not by choice of course. It's not like I was talked into jumping off a bridge, more like told to in a manner of speaking. No one really has a choice when it...