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GI am a Principal at FOOW? (Fish Out of Water?, LLC) a professional development company committed to delivering unique workplace and career management services to Companies and Business Professionals. Blog:
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Many management promotions are one dimensional, prompted by seniority, non management performance or.. a recommendation. This is problematic, because great engineers don’t always make a great.. engineering manager; leading is a very different skill set.

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Whether you are the giver or receiver of advice, timing appears to be more critical than the truth;.. this is the principle behind the quote, “The truth out of season bears no fruit.” Most of us.. didn’t get the memo about how to tell advice time.

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Transitioning from where you are to where you need to go isn’t easy; it requires you to become.. connected to the cause and effect of your actions, and to own them by taking responsibility.

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When I was 13, I heard my great aunt say that she purchased an expensive car because she hated her.. job and needed an incentive to stay. Years later, when I struggled with my own discontent and.. watched others struggles with theirs, her words resonated

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Exiting a bad personal or professional situation is a puzzle with a lot of pieces. And like a jigsaw.. puzzle, the pieces must interlock to create a bigger picture beyond your current situation.

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Trying to find the ideal job is like trying to find the ideal mate. Mr. Right may sound good on.. paper but off of it, his issues coupled with yours may overflow a newsstand. So what do you do?

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Bullies deflect their weaknesses with superficial strength by exploiting working relationships, the.. victim struggles with setting and maintaining boundaries, and the companies allows it when they.. fail to implement a conduct policy for employees,

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Networking is touted as the best resource for professional success and personal growth. Whether you.. are looking for a job, professional development, business opportunities or shared-interest.. socializing, networking is said to be the key.

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When I was 16, I wanted to be 18. At 18, I wanted to be 21. To me each age meant I was grown; what I.. never considered was the growth I needed between them — because maturing is a process that brings.. along two friends: responsibility and challenges.

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While my boss was telling me that I was his go-to person, he was also informing me that my position.. was being downsized. It struck me as funny because my immediate thought was…the go-to person is.. GONE?

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When I accepted my first management position, my new boss told me his secret to managing people was.. to treat them like whiny children. I asked him if managing people was his thing, and he bluntly.. said, “No, because I hate dealing with people

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A couple months after being downsized, current and former employees were still angry, complaining.. and blaming. I still didn’t engage in it because bitterness needs an expiration date, plus it.. dominates your life whether you realize it or not.

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Sometimes lessons knock softly and sometimes they break down the door. But in either case, you.. should ask yourself, what are your results honestly telling you?

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Old habits cling to us like steam on a mirror and even when we try to wipe them away, the process is.. not always easy.

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When you love someone and want the best for them -- whether it’s a familial relationship or a.. friendship -- it is sometimes hard to draw the line between caring for them and carrying them.

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Over time you will continue to outgrow people, things and situations. Recognizing this is one thing,.. but doing something about it is another.

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