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We are trying many crazy things mostly trying to be self sufficient. Our homesteading exploits about.. our animals, garden, fruit trees, solar hot water systems, improvements on the cheap, natural foods.. and family

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  • Y.M.C.A
    on Jul 4, 2016
    Lately, we have been utilizing our membership fairly extensively.Tristan and Kassi are reasonable swimmers, easily passing the "deep-end" test. Toly can pass the test but struggles because he is one of those sinking people--no body fat and dense...
  • I.M.H.O. We currently own the best cat ever.
    on Jun 24, 2016
    Warning, cat story ahead...Kosmos aka. Cosmos was a feral stray adopted as a skinny kitten by Kassiopeia's best friend. Literal skin and bones living on the streets of Alameda. They took him in and got all his medical necessities sorted. They sa...
  • Happy Father's Day
    on Jun 19, 2016
    To all my fellow paterfamilias, Happy Father's day...
  • Kitchen plumbing II - Hieronymous Bosch
    on Jun 14, 2016
    In this photo most of the kitchen plumbing is done, the tile is just grouted and the sink is full of dishes. Outlet covers are waiting for grout to dry. Things are really looking good--almost like a dream kitchen. Meet Hieronymus or Iroh for sho...
  • Kitchen Plumbing
    on Jun 12, 2016
    The kitchen faucet resting in its future home--the tile backsplash isn't done yet. We bought our faucet and pot-filler from Signature Hardware. They are awesome, their customer service is exactly what you want when buying a product that you expect to...
  • Presidential cutting table
    on Jun 11, 2016
     A friend from church was moving and gave us this awesome butcher block cutting table a couple of years ago. We love it, after we first got it Rome took a butcher knife and chopped it up on the edge. I was upset at the time. The mars were along...
  • Subway Tile 9' by 9' wall
    on Jun 10, 2016
    I have had very limited tiling experience. Sadly one of my attempts was a dismal failure, our bathroom in Missouri. I had to tear it all up and re-do it. I went to the ever reliable Youtube to try to glean some necessary skills and tricks. After...
  • The kitchen is dreamy
    on Jun 5, 2016
    With both Tristan and Tabitha sick with some sort of evil flu I have taken over all the kitchen duties for the past few days. They went alone together this past week to sign Tristan up for college courses this coming fall. I assume they were exposed...
  • Well, the kitchen is all but done.
    on Jun 4, 2016
    We are still waiting for the thresholds to arrive. I bought some at the local lumber yard but they needed too much modification so I ordered the right ones and they are due to arrive soon. In the next few posts I plan to get all caught up on my...
  • Closet in the hall
    on Jun 3, 2016
    Bubbling paint in the hallway forced me to open up the wall to see if there was a leak. I found no smoking gun. I climbed to the roof and sealed around the plumbing venting. Another heavy rain later I decided that either I fixed the leak or it w...
  • Sealing it up.
    on Mar 25, 2016
    After insulating exterior walls and around the chimney I closed it all in (sheet-rock and plywood). Around the chimney didn't need rigid insulation since it is only exposed to the cold from the crawl space and attic. The exterior of the house needed...
  • Toly and my weekend under the house.
    on Mar 24, 2016
    Toly is awesome help, first and foremost he is NOT scared of spiders. Second, he can be counted on. He will go get things with incredible accuracy. We finished the hot water portion of the plumbing. This involved a re-circ line back to the water heat...
  • Trying to get up to date.
    on Mar 23, 2016
    We had to tear up the floor. There was water damage from years of leaks. Tabitha counted eight layers of flooring. The worst was the upper most layer of particle board. It was nasty, spongy and nailed with far too many ring shank nails.I plumbed new...
  • Closed in... it's spring 2016
    on Mar 22, 2016
    The kitchen is taking every available free moment these days. Sorry for the delay in my updates.Well, it is really spring around here. Spring in Berkeley is a special time for those olfactory appreciators of blossoms. The smell of jasmine is pervasiv...
  • Tristan takes the bronze medal. He also caused an upset forcing the gold and bronze to have a rematch.
    on Mar 6, 2016 in instagram
    via Instagram
  • Godfather George sings 'happy birthday' to Georgiana!
    on Mar 6, 2016 in instagram
    via Instagram
  • Happy Birthday My Beauty Beauty
    on Mar 3, 2016
  • Kitchen progress
    on Feb 28, 2016 in instagram
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  • Breakfast and kids photos
    on Jan 22, 2016
    The boys love the new wii and television(only to be used for movies & wii) Kassiopeia & Tabitha Made sourdough English muffins from Malichi, the new sourdough starter. Then Kassiopeia then made all of us a delicious breakfast. Panca...
  • in less than two months Geogianna will be TWO
    on Jan 22, 2016

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