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online sales of luxury vertu replicas, all at direct wholesale prices to the customer.Since 2006, we.. have been the leading online retailer of quality luxury vertu replicas, you can always be certain to.. find that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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  • Vertu launches Signature Touch Android smartphone with Bentley logo
    on Jan 14, 2016
    Vertu is known for its range of Luxury Phones has come out with an Android smartphone. This time, the Vertu smartphone has an exclusive Bentley logo on its phone. A 3D logo of Bentley is on the back of the Vertu Phone. The company has the reputat...
  • Vertu Aster Review: Where bespoke luxury and real world performance converge
    on Nov 2, 2015
    1999 - it was a different time and place when the first Vertu phones rolled out of their exclusive manufacturing facility in England. Nokia set up Vertu as a luxury handset brand – the mobile equivalent of a handcrafted heirloom watch. Nokia exit...
  • Vertu's latest luxury phone offers exotic materials and high-end specs for $6,900
    on Jul 12, 2015
    The $10,300 Signature Touch out of your budget range? Vertu understands your plight, which is why the luxury phone manufacturer just announced the Aster, a $6,900 hand-crafted smartphone constructed out of titanium. The Aster will be offered in a...
  • Vertu's newest Bentley phone is pure luxurious idiocy
    on Jun 26, 2015
    Bentley is a brand synonymous with luxury and quality, so when the company lends its name to a new smartphone, it’s not unfair to expect something pricy, but jaw-droppingly brilliant. You’d expect this bauble to be super-luxurious, with h...
  • Phones Review The Vertu Pure Jet Red Gold can be yours for $23100
    on Feb 19, 2015
    While you’ll never see us sporting one, we are no stranger to Vertu’s luxury devices and have kept tabs on the company over the past few years. Their latest creation, the Vertu Pure Jet Red Gold, is actually one of their more “plain” smart...
  • At $23,100, Vertu Signature Touch’s Newest Smartphone Really is Pure Jet Red Gold
    on Feb 18, 2015
    For those unfamiliar with the name Vertu, they are a British manufacturer of luxury, handmade mobile phones…established in 1998 by the Finnish manufacturer of Nokia.  They were subsequently sold to a private equity group but retained a...
  • Bellperre Releases Their Luxury Smartphone Called ‘The Touch’ For a Cool 3k
    on Feb 16, 2015
    Last month we reported about the luxury phone market as an emerging growth sector in the smartphone market. Well, add another beautiful phone to the growing list of luxury phones. Bellperre has announced a new phone, the Touch, which will try to...
  • Vertu's latest luxury phone offers exotic materials and high-end specs for $6,900
    on Jan 15, 2015
    The $10,300 Signature Touch out of your budget range? Vertu understands your plight, which is why the luxury phone manufacturer just announced the Aster, a $6,900 hand-crafted smartphone constructed out of titanium. The Aster will be offered in a...
  • Vertu Pure Jet Alligator, Diamonds Red Alligator Luxury Smartphones Launched
    on Jan 14, 2015
    For the average consumer, you have your basic entry-level smartphones that probably won’t cost you more than $100, but if you wanted something better, you could opt for flagship models that will cost you anywhere between $500-$700. However there...
  • Vertu for Bentley luxury smartphone: A $16,500 high-end device for luxury car lovers
    on Oct 25, 2014
    After unveiling the high-end smartphone Aster, Vertu is now releasing another device from its luxurious lineup of smartphones. The British manufacturer and retailer of luxury phones has now collaborated with Bentley for its latest take on mobile pho...
  • Vertu Develops US$17,215 Smartphone Only for Bentley Car Owners
    on Oct 21, 2014
    British luxury mobile maker Vertu recently launched a new luxurious smartphone called the Vertu for Bentley. Vertu developed the phone alongside British auto maker Bentley Motors Ltd as part of a five-year partnership. The smartphone costs £10,700 (...
  • Vertu Introduces The $6,900 Aster
    on Oct 8, 2014
    This isn’t your typical smartphone:  Last week, English manufacturer Vertu announced the release of the Aster, its “mid-tier” luxury phone, starting at $6,900, although it hardly qualifies as just that. The titanium Android device is th...
  • Vertu Aster is the best luxury smartphone ever
    on Oct 5, 2014
    We’ve told you that Vertu is preparing to launch another smartphone and voila – it’s here. Like any other Vertu device, the Aster isn’t made for the mass market but for the very few who can actually afford it.The company’s latest piece of...
  • Vertu Aster is a luxury smartphone with 'mid-tier' price, top-tier specs
    on Oct 2, 2014
    Since the launch of the Signature Touch, Vertu CEO Max Pogliani promised that "technology will be more a merging factor and not a differentiation point" for his phones. That's literally the case with the new mid-tier Aster launched today: This tit...
  • Vertu's painfully pricey premium smartphone
    on Oct 3, 2013
    Vertu, the phone-maker that until recently was the property of Nokia, is best known for making ludicrously expensive mobile handsets that are slathered with gems and precious metals. The Vertu Ti is the firm's latest effort, an Android-powered sma...
  • Vertu enters new era with launch of Vertu Ti
    on Sep 26, 2013
    Vertu, the world’s leading provider of luxury mobile phones, has launched VERTU TI, a new contemporary smartphone powered by Android. Based around a titanium case that has been used for its strength, elegance and low weight, VERTU TI also uses l...
  • VERTU Luxury Phone Manufacturer Standardizes
    on Sep 8, 2013
    Vertu is standardizing on a single manufacturing floor system that will allow them to keep pace with the fast moving technology market. The Camstar system will also simplify the interface and support the SAP enterprise business s...
  • The brand-new Vertu Ti smartphone costs over $10,000
    on Aug 29, 2013
    With virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal screen for flawless optical quality, lightweight titanium casing for strength without compromise, and symphonic sound tuned in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen and with musical punctuation from the...
  • Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited Edition Android Smartphone
    on Aug 28, 2013
    For many consumers, Apple iPhone 5 is presumed to be the most holy smartphone available in the market. If you think like that, then better check your facts, as Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited Edition smartphone, is now officially announced. Generally, V...
  • Vertu Ti Ferrari: Direct line to Maranello
    on Aug 13, 2013
    Here’s a refreshing alternative to those annoying pop ringtones: the latest collaborative product from Vertu and Ferrari emits the bark of the F12 supercar to alert its owner to an incoming call… Recent times have seen British luxury phon...