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Lord Klukpui is passionate about making millennials build a career that brings out the best in them and also gives them that sense of purpose and satisfaction.

In a society where the skills and the unique passion inherent in millenials are often overlooked, this gentleman has set it as his goal to make sure that young people get the foundations of their lives built before they can even talk about making an impact in life.

He believes in the fact that inherent in every millennial is the potential to succeed in life but what often hinders their success in life is the faulty foundations upon which they build their careers.

He believes in a concept he calls "The Career Triangle". This concept basically talks about the intersection of the skills, values and the rationale that influences the choices people make in life especially when it comes to their careers.

To Lord, every person must first know who they are (identity), what things are most important to them (values) and why they do the things they do (rationale). These are the things that will shape their lives.

He is also a strong leadership, personal development, lifelong learning advocate and believes that the only person we should be competing with in this world is our very own selves.

The Drouted Millennial is the business he has founded to help address the needs of millennials when it comes to building a great foundation for their future careers.

Unlike the plethora of self-help books that teach how to reach the corporate ladder quickly, this business focuses on how we can empower millennials to get the basics right. This is because when the foundation is set right, advancing in life and having a great professional career becomes less arduous.

He has over 6 years experience in leadership, dealing with issues affecting millennials and loves to relate with them as a means to know and understand them better.

Lord Klukpui wants to leave a legacy of having empowered millennials to stay true to themselves and to also bring out the best that's in them.
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