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  • The Benghazi Bomb Shell
    on Nov 1, 2012
    Opinion 2.0Last night, I watched Greta on Fox News with guest, Catherine Herridge. Wow! What a development! One month prior to the September 11th terrorist attack on our Consulate which left four Americans dead, our Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, dest...
  • Obama's 3rd Debate Mis-Truths
    on Oct 23, 2012
    Opinion 2.0As always, I obediently watch the last of the Presidential debates. If you fell off a turnip truck and watched the debate, you would have thought Mitt Romney was the President and Barack Obama was the challenger. Obama came out insulting,...
  • The Benghazi Gate Conspiracy
    on Oct 10, 2012
    Opinion 2.026 days until the biggest election in our life times. Today, October 10, 2012, the   investigation continues on the Libya consulate terrorist attack. In a nutshell, State department officials were grilled by a Congressional panel. The...
  • Obamagasm to Obamaspasm in 90 minutes!
    on Oct 4, 2012
    Opinion 2.0Last night, my Wife and I sat down to watch the Presidential debate. We sat in amazement watching Romney dominate Obama. Is it just me? Or did Obama look like he would rather be anywhere than the debate. Lackluster, unprepared,  defen...
  • Romney v. Obama - Will America Survive?
    on Sep 25, 2012
    Opinion 2.0Being a staunch conservative and viewing everything all the time concerning news and political news, I find myself thoroughly disgusted with the serial lying and misinformation being leveled by politicians, pundits and Super Pacs. Back in...
  • The 716 Billion dollar lie
    on Aug 14, 2012
    Opinion 2.0Yes, the real race has begun. As Romney picks Paul Ryan as his Vice President, liberal heads starting exploding. Many liberal pundits speculated Romney would choose a safe candidate such as Portman or Pawlenty. Ryan states in a big way tha...
  • 1001 Reasons to vote against President Barack Hussein Obama
    on Jul 18, 2012
    Opinion 2.0In almost 4 years, the President of the United States accrued a novel of deeds that Conservatives and regular Americans despise. I haven't posted in quite awhile. However, I feel the need to start again since we are roughly 14o days away f...
  • Obama, this election, you can run, but you can't hide,
    on Mar 8, 2012
    Opinion at largeI'll never forget the day I realized Obama would win the 2008 Presidential election. My wife and I were in our hotel room in Paris when I turned the tube on and on CNN UK, the host was announcing Sarah Palin as John McCain's pick for...
  • Caucasian Americans for Romney
    on Feb 2, 2012
    Front Page It takes a lot for me to be amazed, however, it has happened more often since Obamamateur has been in office. Today, Obama launched "African Americans for Obama." Obama is soliciting the black population to become ACORN style campaign...
  • "I Have a dream"
    on Jan 16, 2012
    Front PageOpinion:On April 4, 1968, a great man was assassinated. Martin Luther King, Jr; was standing on his hotel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee was murdered by James Earl Ray.  He was there to lead a protest march with striking city...
  • Obama's 32 Month Report Card
    on Jan 11, 2012
    Front PageNormally, I would comment on the contents of the article below. Today, I am going to articulate my opinion of the dire troubles Obama's re-election campaign faces. Obama has a great deal of money in his war chest. The liberal/progressive fa...
  • Who are the candidates you looking at?
    on Jan 4, 2012
    Front PageWith the Iowa caucus behind us, Bachmann pulls out of the race, Perry doesn't know what he is going to do. Obama takes out full page ads in the Des Moines Register to let his people know he is still viable, needless to say, things are getti...
  • The Acorn doesn't fall far from the Obama tree
    on Oct 26, 2011
    Opinion at largeWhen you thought they (it) were gone, it rears it's ugly head. Yes, I am talking about ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) has come to the attention of the non-MSM media in the last couple of weeks. A group call...
  • "Eat the rich" and send the Jews back to Israel.
    on Oct 18, 2011
    Opinion at largeBeing a member of the Tea Party, I must complain how the media is guilty of "dereliction of duty." Not that I'm surprised, but extremely disappointed. The journalists are so obvious in the bias way of reporting. It is sad for America...
  • The Real Meaning of "Fair Share"
    on Oct 13, 2011
    CP Op Ed The real meaning of "fair share."  By: MistahleeRecently, President Obama (and his handlers) latched onto the phrase “fair share” in a big way.  He recited it incessantly in speeches and public remarks. ...
  • Is Caliphate coming to America?
    on Sep 29, 2011
    Opinion at largeCaliphate - the era of Islam's ascendancy from the death of Mohammed until the 13th century; some Moslems still maintain that the Moslem world must always have a calif as head of the community; "their goal was to reestablish the...
  • Obama's Shadow Marxist Government
    on Sep 22, 2011
    Opinion at largeWhen I first viewed this video of Elizabeth Warren, I was appalled and somewhat frightened. I knew Obama circumvented Congress and the Constitution by hiring the many Czars and Regulatory entities promoting the Obama administration's...
  • The Green President-Obama recycles yet another economy speech
    on Sep 19, 2011
    Opinion at large"Every time Obama speaks, thousands lose their investment portfolio," said Zou-Zou in "It's a wonderful life." President Obama has a tendency to speak out of both sides of his mouth. Today's speech, in my opinion, was a ploy to rally...
  • Its the Economy, stupid!
    on Jun 9, 2011
    Vol.201Opinion at largeOMG! Reuters said this morning, first time claims for unemployment unexpectedly went up to 427,000! Who with half a brain is surprised that more people are losing their incomes? This doesn't include the U6 number that includes...
  • Broken Promises, broken liberal hearts
    on Apr 20, 2011
    Finally reached 200 Blog posts! I've been very busy working hard and supporting my family and 47% of the People who don't pay taxes...Opinion at largeObama has been in office for approximately 26 months. When he was on the campaign trail, he made so...