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Bizarreville features biting satire, sarcasm, irreverent political humor, and outrageous shenanigans.. from a whimsical place not so far away. Citizens of Bizarreville are a collection of exaggerated.. misfits, somewhat akin to real world misfits.

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  • Flooding reported in major US cities
    on Dec 18, 2016 in Life in Bizarreville
    Officials are reporting that a number of major metropolitan centers are experiencing flooding at unprecedented levels.  Meteorologists are baffled by this predicament since none of these cities have any significant precipitation in the past several...
  • Trump Gaffes becoming an art form
    on Feb 22, 2016 in Life in Bizarreville
    Ever since realizing his gaffes have gained him popularity at each spouting, Donald Trump has been busy hiring a staff of professional gaffe-writers to come up with new politically incorrect, insulting, and/or offensive blurbs for him to rattle off d...
  • Trump vs Hillary debatePundits are looking forward to the future possibility of a Hillary vs Trump debate.  Both are unafraid of looking like total a-holes in front of the public, and a televised debate could look like something out of a Jerry Springer show…maybe ev...
  • Fly on the wall: the President’s campaign strategy session
    on Jan 1, 1970
    S:  …No sir, we can’t say that.  That would be an outright, obnoxious lie.  Even our best spinmasters could not make that seem like it has a shred of truth.  No sir, a lie. O:  So, what’s your point? S:  Point is…it woul...
  • Oil from Oklahoma
    on Jan 1, 1970
    The President flipped his position yesterday, and approved the Keystone Pipeline project from Oklahoma to Texas in an effort to counter the charges that he has become totally out-to-lunch on the Energy price crisis.  He told supporters that this pro...
  • War on Moms
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Bizarreville administration officials expressed unhappiness bordering on anger from the recent incident of a piddly low-level Democratic Party operative making disparaging comments about the Republican candidate wife’s lack of intelligence abou...
  • Presidential No Fault Insurance
    on Jan 1, 1970
    The Presidential Insurance Company is offering a brand new policy to its clients and prospective customers, called the Universal No Fault Insurance Policy.  They expect hundreds of thousands of customers will sign up for this new creative offering,...
  • Unemployment figures
    on Jan 1, 1970
    The recently announced national unemployment number of 8.2 percent incited a new round of skeptics and pseudo-economists questioning the validity of the numbers.  Many are now thinking the numbers are being manipulated at high levels to produce the...
  • The Gaffemaster
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Party leaders are scurrying, scrambling to determine what to do about the Gaffemaster.  At first, they tried to figure out how to shut the idiot up.  His continuous spew of knucklehead remarks, inappropriate slurs, and bumble-rooskies were seen as...
  • CEO’s using Obama spin playbook
    on Jan 1, 1970
    In recent weeks, several CEO’s of some of Bizarreville’s largest companies have been doing some serious spinning.  They have been impressed with Obama’s ability to take ostensibly horrendous actual results, and somehow spin them in...
  • Senate candidate accosted
    on Jan 1, 1970
    An aspiring Senate candidate was accosted yesterday by a gang of unhappy fellow party members, disgruntled over the nominee’s refusal to drop out of the Senate race after making some legendary stupid comments about rape and abortion.  The cand...
  • Debatest Show on Earth
    on Jan 1, 1970
    After the near 3-ring circus performance of the Presidential debate combatants, the Official Debate Commission is burning the midnight oil to determine how to restructure the format and ground rules to make the sessions moderately watchable.  Some c...
  • The Fiscal Cliff
    on Jan 1, 1970
    When the President instructed all citizens to jump off the Fiscal Cliff, Johnnie was reluctant.  He had been a staunch supporter of the Chief Exec, even voted for him in the November election.  He particularly liked the way the President said he wa...
  • Fiscal Cliff Dropouts
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Once upon a time, there were 2 congressmen.  These fellows, at one time in their lives, were very smart people.  But the draining effect of serving many years, decades, in congress emptied all their intelligence juices into the congressional sewer...
  • Truth in Lawmaking
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Despite bi-partisan dissatisfaction, the President signed the new Truth in Lawmaking Act in a poppy garden ceremony yesterday.  The new law will require that legislators and other government officials be completely honest in development and communic...
  • Burger World now accepting food stamps
    on Jan 1, 1970
    In a surprising announcement yesterday, Elmer Shtootz, CEO of Burger World, announced that the company’s restaurants would now be accepting food stamps for all purchases of food items, with the exception of hot apple pies.  He said that it was...
  • Bizarreville Immigration Policy Change
    on Jan 1, 1970
    The Immigration and Naturalization Bureau announced early this week that they have issued a Halt on all immigration applications from the country of Funquat.  This comes at the heels of the recent terrorist attack from 2 members of the Funquat Neo-Q...
  • IRS voted Leadership Bozos of the Year
    on Jan 1, 1970
    The Bizarreville IRS was awarded the prestigious Leadership Bozo of the Year distinction by the International Council of Bozos yesterday in an impromptu ceremony in the ICOB Weed Garden.  The award recognizes organizations that have gone above and b...
  • Bizarreville Congress 1 month vacation
    on Jan 1, 1970
    The Bizarreville Congress has left to take a well-deserved vacation after months upon months of difficult, physically demanding wheel-spinning, accountability dodging, high horse riding, wagon circling, and ball fumbling.  Anyone who has ever ridden...
  • Bizarreville Campfire Stories
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Attention Bizarreville nation…… Our new book has now been published…Bizarreville Campfire Stories.  This is a new book of 36 fun little stories, chock full of whimsy, hyjinx, and satire, with a splash of irreverent humor thrown in...