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3 - Bio Way-O

Kelebihan Air Minum Bio Way-O 1. Tidak mengandung logam berat, kotoran, bakteri serta bahan.. organik kimia 2. Kandungan Oksigen yang tinggi 3. TDS : Oppm 4. Sebagai detox teraphy

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  • Bonus Reward
    on Jul 10, 2010
    BONUS REWARD Catatan: 1. Bonus member akan di transfer setiap tgl.1 S/D 3 dan tgl.16 S/D 18 per bulan 2. Belanja ulang dalam 1 bulan minimal 2 karton air bio way-o, isi 24 botol (Rp.55.000) 3. Bonus minimal ditransfer Rp.100.000 ( DI ANJURKA...
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    MarketingPlan ADA 3 PILIHAN cara BERGABUNG 1. Pendaftaran keanggotaan untuk paket 1 HU Rp.125.000 2. Pendaftaran keanggotaan untuk paket 3 HU Rp.270.000 MEMBER AKAN MENERIMA : 1. Kartu anggota dan brosur 2. Produk air BIO WAY-O 1 karton...
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    TERAPI AIR MINUM KESEHATAN BPOM.RI.MD.249110002395 SNI No.01-3553-1996 Plus Oxygen Enhanced Change Your Water … Change Your Life Raihlah Kesehatan Yang Optimal dengan mengganti Air Minum Anda Kelebihan Air Minum Bio Way-O...
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    Guinness World Records certified the sale of the Most Expensive Cell Phone in the world - 'Goldvish Le Million' Piece Unique which was bought by a Russian businessman for his wife for 1 million Euros ($1.2 million) in September 2006. Created by Goldv...