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Hi guys! I'm Jethro from the Philippines. I enjoy sharing my ideas online. I hope I can find my real home here. :)
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It contains everything that introduces me as a person. You can find here all personal stuff I.. carefully write to share. My experiences, poems, etc are in there also. Don't overlook it.. without looking at it. I'm sure you will be entertained. ^_^

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Learn to Earn Money Online shows us how to make money over the internet. You will find there my.. written works and articles which I personally experienced and all of them are legitimate.

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  • Create or Recommend a Product (niche)
    on Dec 1, 2016 in manlalakbay share suhestyon/tips
    First of all, I would like to express that the content you are going to read on this post is not mine. I actually got it from other source but I forgot where. Anyway, I hope you'll find it useful. Thanks!First, start by giving away valuable content a...
  • Things I Learned from John CalubI Learned All of These From John CalubI just want to share with you what I learned from John Calub. If you want to enrich your mind and acquire wealth, then all you have to do is attend seminars about personal development and self-help stuff.I hope y...
  • Are You Tired Of Falling In Line Whenever You Pay All Your Bills?
    on Aug 27, 2016 in Business How To Personal Tips
    Then worry no more as I am going to share with you an awesome and very useful website which I already mentioned in one of my blog posts (click here to read).The website I am referring to is none other than which as of now, I've already tried...
  • Sayang Talaga TayoSayang talaga tayoAng bilis matapos ng ating kwentoTatlong buwan lang nakasamaNgayo'y tapos at wala naAkala ko talaga ay ikaw naAng makakatuluyan at makakasamaNapakasaya at puno ng pag-asaSubalit isa ka lang palang pantasyaDi ko alam kung ako ang may...
  • Be People-Oriented and Not Self-Centered
    on Jul 20, 2016 in Personal Tips
    If you really want to prosper and gain more wealth, you should focus your attention on serving other people before attending your personal interest.I already know this but it seems it only resides in my sub-conscious mind. But after I exposed to this...
  • Be A Great Service Provider to Earn More
    on Jul 13, 2016 in Personal Tips
    First of all, I would like to apologize if it took me weeks to write a new blog post but here I am presenting you an interesting topic.The reason why I write a post that has a title of this is because whenever someone gives me great service more than...
  • Invest and Educate Yourself
    on Jun 8, 2016 in Credit Card Investment Personal Tips
    I believe that in order for you to earn money, you should develop and harness your skills. Your acquired skill when continuously polish will bring you more money once your employer found out you are offering the best service that no one can give. And...
  • Budget Your Money
    on May 26, 2016 in How To Personal Tips
    Budgeting is different from saving, thrifting, or depriving you of things you desire. So don't get me wrong upon you see or read the title of this post.Anyway, what is budgeting your money? Basically, it is the allocation or distribution of your mone...
  • Earn Real Money From Your Blog
    on May 14, 2016 in Blogging Make Money Online Tips
    If you want to make money from your blog, be serious about it and treat it as a real business.What I mean about that is don't depend on free stuff only and operate without spending a dime. Purchase a domain name either from these two well-known and t...
  • Save Money By Supporting Our Small Time Vendors
    on May 4, 2016 in Personal Tips
    If you want to save money from buying things you really need, all you have to do is to look for alternative items that are close to the quality of expensive counterpart. I don't want you to save tons of money but in return, you'll get crappy and garb...
  • Anticipate the Worst Case Scenario and Have a Backup Plan
    on Apr 24, 2016 in Personal Tips
    I just want to share this true story that happened to my ex co-employees in my previous employer.Without a warning, they were out of work due to the company they worked for had lost clients. In order to prevent the company from being bankrupt, it had...
  • Control Your Spending
    on Apr 14, 2016 in Personal Tips
    Curb, control or budget your spending should be included in your watch out list so you know where your money goes to. It's absurd you complain that your salary is not enough and you wonder where your money went.I already mentioned many times in my pr...
  • Read As Much As You Can
    on Apr 6, 2016 in Personal Tips
    Learning does not stop after you graduate from college. In fact, it is a continuous life process.If you want to achieve something in life, then you should keep studying and learning. And whatever you put in your mind has a big impact on whatever you...
  • Be A YouTube Partner and Earn Money
    on Mar 28, 2016 in Adsense Make Money Online Tips
    Do you know you can be a YouTube Partner and earn money at the same time? How? Just keep reading and absorbing everything I will share in this blog post.If you love filming yourself or you enjoy taking videos and you use YouTube as a storage of all y...
  • Earn As Much As You Can
    on Mar 21, 2016 in Adsense Blogging Personal Tips
    I'm an avid fan of reading lots of books ranging from personal development, self-help, motivational, inspirational and business books. And most of the books I read suggest that we can earn as much as we want because the only determiner of it is our m...
  • Dispose And Transform Your Stuff Into Cash
    on Mar 15, 2016 in Make Money Online Personal Tips
    Just like me, if you have lots of things in your house that gather dust inside your cabinet and do not have any value to you. Good news as I will tell you one way on how to turn them into cash and make it useful again to others. As they say, your gar...
  • Don't Work For Money, Make Money Works For YouI know you are thinking that it is easier said than done and only those rich who have lots of money can do this because they have money to invest. But don't put it that way and declared your future already as I will share with you, my thoughts on thi...
  • What I Was Up To This Past Week?
    on Mar 6, 2016 in Personal Tips
    I'm sure you're wondering what I was up to this past week since I promised in my last post that I would have at least 3 blog posts per week. But it seems like I had not fulfilled my promise. I'm sorry about that but I will reveal it here what got me...
  • What Happened to My Dreams of Earning From This Blog?
    on Feb 27, 2016 in Personal
    I'm sure you're one of my 5 readers wondering what happened to me and to this inactive blog. Well, I became busy with things that extraordinary people like us don't know. And I'm sorry if I disappear out of the center stage because of temptations.Any...
  • Ang Payo MoMahirap namang bantayanAng ating nararamdamanAng payo mo'y tila nagpaguloSa isipan at damdamin koSinasabi mong di totooAng lahat ng emosyon ng taoMasyado raw itong mapanlinlangHuwad at pwede kang masaktanAng sabi mo wag gumawa ng paraanPara lang maka...