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  • Selling the first Door. p3. No longer a landlord and we love it.
    on Jul 11, 2013
    This past year without the college rental has been AWESOME. I can barely describe how nice it's been to have that albatross off our shoulders. To no longer worry about the condition of the place, getting the rent in on time, getting renters for a yea...
  • Selling the first door... pt 2.
    on Jun 18, 2013
    June 2012. Our original buyer has secured financing again for the purchase of the college rental. Collectively Pete and I are 1.5% excited about the prospect of selling the rental. Overall we're cautious and make plans as if selling it isn't an optio...
  • Selling the first door... Pt. 1
    on Jun 17, 2013
    Thank you for the kind words about my less than triumphant return to blogging! I can't tell you how nice it was to read the comments and how they helped inspire me on to not let the blog slowly die floundering (again).Now that we're measuring ou...
  • State of the doors.
    on Mar 26, 2013
    Has it really been over a whole year since I last updated the blog? I'll hit the highlights of what everyone assumes happens when you go radio silent for over a year. Not pregnant. No baby. Still happily married. Still have the houses. Still renovati...
  • Muffin Problem, Solved!
    on Jan 31, 2012
    Remember all the pissing and moaning about my muffin top last year?I'm pretty happy to report that I have fixed the muffin top problem! All by buying a pair of $6 overalls off the clearance rack at Target. Overalls which, if I'm honest, give me an il...
  • Planning the yard. Not as fun as stomping it.
    on Jan 30, 2012 in yard
    Over the weekend Pete and I sat down at our table with a copy of our house's survey, a pencil and a plastic ruler that one of us clearly stole from a grade school. We were on a mission to seriously talk and map out a master landscaping plan for the W...
  • Le Sigh. Le Muffin Plague
    on Oct 6, 2011
    Eight years ago I stood in a JC Penny dressing room as 20 year old trying on a pair of jeans. Admiring how Levi’s stepped it up a notch to introduce a new low rise selection and marveling at how I ever wore pants that came over my hips. Back in the...
  • Nerdy Couch Confession
    on Sep 2, 2011
    You know you have a Chesterfield addiction when... you *gasp* and in a hushed whisper say "A Chesterfield", when that tufted awesomeness pops up during a scene in Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Pt.2 The only way I could make this confession wors...
  • Irene. Is Riotously Evil Not Evaded.
    on Aug 29, 2011
    Phew. I'm so glad that last week and it's multitude of natural disasters is, well, so last week. Earthquake+ Hurricane Irene+ Tornado Activity + Flooding... I'm really ready for some boring weather going forward for the rest of the year. All these...
  • Waiting on Locust
    on Aug 26, 2011
    Flippity Flip. There is a hurricane coming our directly towards all four of our houses. Listen, this Jersey girl lives in Jersey for a reason, and I deal with all negatives that come with living in the Garden State by all the counter balance positi...
  • Not At The Big Top
    on Aug 18, 2011
    The daylight is changing down here in South Jersey just a tiny bit, we’ve hit that time of year when nature cruelly reminds you that colder days and less sunshine are ahead and are coming faster than you'd like. Instead of exclaiming about how ni...
  • Lawn Maintenance, Shop Vac Style
    on Jul 1, 2011
    The one where I tell you about how my husband had to vacuum the lawn. 57 has a few patches of grass to its name. Nice little bits of lawn in the front, and a big enough sized pad out back. The space out back would blend seamlessly into the other...
  • Rubber Gloves Required
    on Jun 30, 2011
    Here is a little peak into what our lives are like when we’re working on 57. The first Saturday we got the keys back: 8 am: head out door Buy much needed iced coffee at mcdonalds. 8:20- arrive at 57 braced for worst. Take a brief tour of the place...
  • The Draining Month Begins
    on Jun 29, 2011
    Since 2004, this mid-june to mid-july has the potential to be my least favorite time of the year. It is when we get the keys back in hand from our college rental unit and have a scarce four weeks to make it habitable for the next group of renters.
  • Upgrading the microwave cart
    on Jun 27, 2011
    Let's go back about a month ago...Eva: I'm going to throw this old microwave cart away. It's just getting in the way, taking up space and we have no use for it now.Pete: Are you sure? Did you take a picture of it yet?Eva: I'm positive I snapped a pic...
  • Opperation Staircase- Completed!
    on Jun 6, 2011 in Stairs
    All throughout the month of May we had a deadline looming with the approaching Memorial Day holiday. That unofficial kick off of summer meant our beach condo rental season of the beach condo was gearing up to take off. Call me crazy, but I think our...
  • Skeeto Update
    on May 25, 2011
    To follow up on my plea for mosquito advice here are the updates:- a bat house is no beauno. Pete has put the ix-nay on that considering we back to woods with "natural" bat houses. It is true, we see plenty of bats playing in the evening air around o...
  • tiny little nest...
    on May 23, 2011
    Isn't this just the funniest little thing? Any ideas as to what it could be?If you guessed a wee hornet nest you'd be right. This 1" mini city in the clouds was inside my (quite rusty) wheelbarrow. Sucks for the hornets, but I had to destroy the tiny...
  • Dead Snake. Live Tree Planting.
    on May 19, 2011
    Problem: You have a mondo sized pile of dirt in your yard.Issue: That dirt needs to level out a lot of yard square footage.Final pickle: The task would break your back and cause a certain wife named me to stop talking to her husband after about hour...
  • Plea for skeeter advice!
    on May 13, 2011
    This weekend I told Pete that I'm pretty sure mosquitoes subscribe to a newsletter that clues them in on my location, if there is one lonely bug in a zip code then it will find me. Or if there are 50 million, they will all find me for feasting on. Ju...