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This is a blog on philosophy, current issues of individual humans and humanity as a whole, and.. unique and perhaps disturbing interpretations of the world's reality.

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Other Tags: philosophy, dark humour, science, humanity's future, grim truths

The views of an ambivalent spectator who is learning and commenting on the world.

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Other Tags: entertainment, analysis, reflection, science, future

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  • Life
    on Jan 20, 2010
    Time slipped by, slowly, quietly, treacherously, a silent, uncaring spectator stripping away vitality.Life is sweet, and full of promise, a trap cunningly devised.Once there had remained the illusion that I was living; I realised that I was unambiguo...
  • On Fear
    on Dec 31, 2009
    I found that Fear would only be appeased if I gave up everything I aspired to. So I gave Fear. I gave up giving any thought to my fears, and moved ahead without any regard to them. Some people find fear a stimulant; it is in some cases. But I find it...
  • Dorian Gray
    on Dec 26, 2009
    The movie Dorian Gray was released this year with Ben Barnes playing the protagonist, and what I did eagerly was watch it. Based on the novel by Oscar Wilde published in 1890, it is a fascinating story and it never fails to captivate my heart and mi...
  • Humans Explained?
    on Dec 13, 2009
    On The Beach, Lost Horizon, and Lord of the Flies Much time had passed before sheer boredom and a lack of interest in any of the new releases of December 2009 compelled me to recall some memorable old movies that seemed worth watching again. I tried...