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My site is about capturing the essence of Suffolk via my long distance running. As a runner I can.. get to the places & parts that most people might miss armed with a camera

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  • Juneathon Day 13 - 2011
    on Jun 13, 2011 in Elvis Costello Juneathon fall
    I am not really superstitious  but another milestone today on the Juneathon challenge was the 13th of the month. I had plans to do a longer run but had to cut it short when I fell over. Not sure what I tripped on but I came a cropper going round...
  • Juneathon Day 12 - 2011
    on Jun 12, 2011 in Juneathon rain
    Now here is a novelty. A run in the rain! Yes I left my run on day 12 of Juneathon to this afternoon when it rained. It was lovely once I had got over the initial barrier of stepping out in to the rain. It was a novelty as it we have had the driest s...
  • Juneathon Day 11 - 2011
    on Jun 11, 2011 in Juneathon Fight Like Apes
    http://www.myspace.com/fightlikeapesmusicThoughts this morning when I was running that it is only a moth now to the Latitude Festival at Southwold in July. This is something to look forward as a reward at the end of the Juneathon journey. I am hopin...
  • Juneathon Day 10 - 2011
    on Jun 10, 2011 in Horringer Farm Juneathon drought
    Already one third of the way through Juneathon and another milestone reached today on day 10. I ran at lunch time after gardening in the morning. There was an odd spot of rain but nothing to wet the garden. My run today was off road around Little Ho...
  • Juneathon Day 9 - 2011Another 4 mile run early this morning at 7.45am as I was gardening at 9.30. Passing the Greene King Brewery my memory was drawn back to the recent Real Beer and Food festival in Bury St Edmunds. This was the 2nd year of this event and I really recomm...
  • Juneathon Day 8 - 2011
    on Jun 8, 2011 in Juneathon Age UK
    In the post this morning I received my Age UK t shirt from Helen Parsons their Challenge & Running Events Fundraiser. A very nice shirt it is too and I wore it today on day 8 of Juneathon when I ran 4.25 miles along the River Linnet pathway. I a...
  • Juneathon Day 7 - 2011
    on Jun 7, 2011 in Eddie Kidd London Marathon
    Today I told myself as long as I went out of the door I need only run a mile. Feeling tired today and it was an effort. I got ready for a run about 8am but sat around and I left it to late before I had to go to work. So mid day came around and I fel...
  • Juneathon Day 6 - 2011
    on Jun 6, 2011 in Run Breeze Juneathon Voltz Nick Lowe
    This morning I was gardening in steady rain for a couple of hours. Thankfully the rain had more or less ceased by mid day when I went for a run. Day 6 of Juneathon and I completed another 4 miles. Day 6 means one fifth of Juneathon completed and my...
  • Juneathon Day 5 - 2011
    on Jun 5, 2011 in Placebo Juneathon Voltz roses
    Day 5 means I have already reached the milestone of one sixth of the way to completion of Juneathon. Looked at that way it means a very small slice of the overall 30 day event we call Juneathon but time flies when you are enjoying your self. Today b...
  • Juneathon Day 4
    on Jun 4, 2011 in Juneathon
    So far so good with Juneathon 2011. No aches or pains and I was able to do another 4 miles this morning at 8am. My only real problem is lack of time preventing me from running longer or having much time to blog about it. Take today after my run I ha...
  • Juneathon Day 3 - Saxongate Nature Reserve
    on Jun 3, 2011 in Saxongate Water Meadow
    On a warm summers day the Saxongate Nature Reserve in Bury St Edmunds is a good spot for a run with plenty of shade to be found under the cover of tall trees. It also has the benefit of being next to the Greene King Brewery site and this morning I am...
  • Juneathon 2011 Day 2 - RunBreeze SocksAnother lovely warm and sunny day and with no side effects from yesterdays run there were no barriers to me doing a 5 miler. The only real constraint was time as I needed to be back in order to meet with a cousin who out of the blue contacted me to d...
  • Juneathon 2011 Day 1
    on Jun 1, 2011
    With military precision I commenced Juneathon 2011 at 7.30am. Today I am so busy that virtually every minute is occupied with a task through until 9.30pm this evening. So unfortunately only time for a short run this morning of 3 miles. Hence a short...
  • Juneathon 2011 - Running for Age UK
    on May 24, 2011 in Juneathon Age UK
    In 8 days time I shall be competing in Juneathon 2011. What is Juneathon you may ask?  If you take part you are basically committing to exercise every day during the month of June regardless of the weather conditions , regardless of how tired y...
  • Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Drink
    on May 12, 2011 in Lucozade
    I haven't had much time recently to run. I have been working long hours which has meant I haven't been exercising as much as I would have liked. I have been particularly busy over the last week but the yearning to go for a run was too strong to be de...
  • Bamboo Clothing - Men's Zip Neck Baselayer - Indigo
    on Apr 10, 2011 in BAM bamboo running tops
    Over the last few weeks I have been test driving a sports top made of bamboo. Yes you heard me right Bamboo!! I was sent a top from a company called BAM. This is a UK company who have a refreshingly positive attitude to business and state "We'd genu...
  • A cross country run at Hartest Suffolk
    on Jan 31, 2011 in Hartest Janathon
    Hartest  To recap for anyone not aware Janathon is a free event in which you aim to run, cycle swim or walk and then blog about it everyday in January. Signing up at the Janathon site is easy completing a Janathon is a little harder. However to...
  • Day 30 of Janathon
    on Jan 30, 2011 in Janathon
     The penultimate day of Janathon 2011. I ran slowly today but did another 4 and a bit miles. I am going to complete the event which is a nice feeling but with time short this is a short post Day 1 - 5 miles Day 2 - 5 miles Day 3 - 4 miles Day...
  • Six Mile Interval Run for Day 29 of Janathon 2011
    on Jan 29, 2011 in Janathon Intervals
    Day 29 of Janathon and with the end in site  I decided to do an interval session alternating faster and slower miles in to a six mile run. I did fairly OK for 2 of the 3 faster miles but slowed on the last one as some how all of my faster interv...
  • A five mile run on Day 28 of Janthon 2011
    on Jan 28, 2011 in running streak Janathon
     Nippy this morning but there was a job to be done and that was to run for the 28th day in a row. Fortunately I am not feeling any aches or pains and with just a long week end to go I am not finding it is a problem to get out the door and run.