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  • Table Making- Skirt Clean Up
    on Feb 24, 2010
    Table sawn coves are fun until it's time to clean up the profile. The hundreds of deep cross grain scratches will take hours to sand out. The right tool for this job is a gooseneck scraper. I bought this one on sale last fall, this is the first tim...
  • Table Making- Shape and Profile
    on Feb 20, 2010
    I started the day by laying out the lines for the table arcs on the bottom of the top. I will be jigsawing to the line, and the jigsaw is a coarse tool that tears out to the top of the cut. I layout on the bottom so the tearout will be removed when...
  • Table Making- Top Sizing
    on Feb 17, 2010
    I pulled the top out of the clamps this morning and got to work flattening and sizing it. I scraped the glue off the bottom and ran it through the thickness sander, first at 80 then 120 grit.I sand until the rough faces are gone. By not completely...
  • Table Making- The Top
    on Feb 16, 2010
    I've got an order for a walnut dining table. This is the way I go about milling and laying out the 6/4 top.First I select the lumber. Table tops get my best boards, wide and knot free. Before I cut them up, I'll handplane a little off the rough sur...
  • Table Making- Top Glueup
    on Feb 16, 2010
    The layout has been examined by my clients, so it's time to move ahead with the glueup.I start with one of the table halves. I place the entire half in the clamps, but only glue one joint.I glue only one joint at a time. This makes it easy to maint...
  • Table Making- The Skirt
    on Feb 13, 2010
    While I'm waiting for my clients to come in and see the top layout, I begin work on the skirt.I want continuous grain across the leaves and across the two table halves. With this in mind I select stock that is clear for the full length of the table a...
  • Fresh Faced Fence
    on Feb 4, 2010
    The Biesemeyer fence on the tablesaw in the shop was in need of replacement. Five years ago I refaced it with a piece of baltic birch plywood, and for kicks I covered it in a thin layer of Lee Valleys UHMW Slippery Tape. The tape worked well for a...
  • New Gets
    on Feb 3, 2010
    I recently picked up a Lie Nielsen split nut screwdriver . Seriously, their tools are just amazing. It goes "click" as it seats in the nut. It is a perfect slip fit. If all screwdrivers (and screws) were made like this there would be no more of th...
  • DoveTill Upgrade
    on Feb 3, 2010
    I count our upholsterer Doug Carman as a friend. He gave me half a garbage bag full of leather scrap several years ago. Today I finally put it to use.Using an iron set on low heat, I ironed the leather under a sheet of paper. I then used transfer...
  • Duh Moment
    on Feb 3, 2010
    I figured out today that the Stanley hand drill has a couple of oiler holes. A drop of light oil has loosened up the mechanism completely. I used a 3/8" Lee Valley brad point bit. These bits are excellent. A coat of bees wax and I was impressed w...
  • Shop Tunes
    on Feb 1, 2010
    I like to listen to my iPod in the shop. I subscribe to several podcasts, from news and current events to woodworking and comedy. I've tried a pair of Peltor WorkTunes, they are an excellent product, clear sound, and good radio reception (I worked...
  • Current Work
    on Jan 29, 2010
    Retail ShelvingMaple...
  • Experiments in Sharpening
    on Jan 29, 2010
    For the first time, I've combined the Veritas Honing Jig with the 8000X Waterstone.I hollow grind and freehand hone, so the microbevel on a chisel is new to me.Paring softwood end grain:The results are satisfactory. There is a little bit of fibre cr...
  • Lapping
    on Jan 27, 2010
    I love my waterstones, but I don't lap on them. Waterstones are too slow and prone to wearing for lapping. For lapping I use sandpaper on a granite reference surface. 3/8" Marples Blue Chip chisel, factory ground face. Working in the direction oppos...
  • (Like) New Gets
    on Jan 22, 2010
    I bought a Veritas honing guide at my first visit to a Lee Valley store, eleven years ago. I haven't used it in ten and a half years. I hollow grind my chisels, so they're easy to get shaving sharp by freehand honing, and I wasn't using handplanes t...
  • New Gets
    on Jan 20, 2010
    I got a pair of Lee Valley gift cards from my nephews for Christmas, I used them to pick up the 8000x waterstone. It's an expensive stone, and one I had been holding out on purchasing. I was getting decent results from my 4000x pocket stone, so I m...
  • Customer Service
    on Jan 20, 2010
    I had a small issue with the Lie Nielsen carcass saw I got for Christmas. It was a minor flaw, it made the grip uncomfortable. I wrote an email to the company two weeks ago, and my complaint was taken care of completely today. Thank you, Lie Nie...
  • New Gets
    on Jan 17, 2010
    There's nothing I like better than New Old Stock. In one of my favourite junk stores I came across a small pile of new in box Stanley 626 Hand Drills. Based on the store's specialty, I'm guessing it's Canadian military surplus. I cut through the bri...
  • New Gets
    on Jan 5, 2010
    Christmas was good to this woodworker. Under the tree I found a Lie-Nielsen carcass saw.I love L-Ns back saws, every time I pick them up I grin like a fool. They're beautiful, but I'd like them even in the dark. The handle fits my hand so well it f...
  • New Gets
    on Dec 24, 2009
    I picked these up a while ago, I finally got them ship shape.The top one is marked "Made in Sweden" on the face, the shape and ferrule look like Berg, the handle looks like ugly. The bottom one is a Champion that had a good bend, I really like the h...