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Blog on Discus Fish and breeding them.

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  • Discus Fish as a Hobby
    on Nov 14, 2008 in Main Content discus fish
    Discus Fish As Hobby Just as dogs make great companions, discus fish make a great show. Breeding discus as a hobby has become so popular that aquariums all over the world have become the home of this king of the exotic species. For some breeders, dis...
  • Breeding Discus Fish
    on Nov 7, 2008 in Main Content discus fish
    Breeding discus fish It is not uncommon that exotic fish owners find breeding discus fish a little bit difficult to get baby discus. The hardest part about breeding discus fish is finding the right mates, this issue rises from the fact discus like t...
  • The Secrets of Breeding Discus Fish
    on Nov 6, 2008 in Main Content discus fish
    The secrets of breeding discus Before breeding discus, you will definitely need to learn all you can on the habits of these exotic and charming creatures. Before breeding, discus like to choose their partner alone, which may make it a little difficu...