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A journal charting events during 2010 in the Middle East and beyond, concerning the eventual.. settlement of the Israel-Palestine situation

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  • Egyptian-Israeli relations - signs of a thaw?
    on Dec 20, 2016
            Over the years neither the Egyptian public, nor its various leaders, have exhibited much enthusiasm for a genuine friendship with Israel – this despite the peace treaty, signed way back in March 1979 by Egyptian Presiden...
  • Obama, Trump and the Middle East
    on Dec 11, 2016
  • Reconfiguring Arab-Western relations
    on Dec 6, 2016
  • What if Islamic State becomes stateless?
    on Sep 6, 2016
                      The grandiose dreams of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder of Islamic State (IS) who envisioned a jihadist caliphate encompassing the entire globe under his leadership, appear to be c...
  • The lure of power in Yemen
    on Aug 30, 2016
              Ali Abdullah Saleh, ex-President of Yemen                   In Yemen – as in much of the Middle East – Islam is at war with itself. As Saudi Arabia’s Sunn...
  • The making of a united Kurdistan
    on Aug 23, 2016
             The yellow area combines latest gains by Kurdish troops in Syria with the territory administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.                   Slowl...
  • The Qatar phenomenon
    on Aug 16, 2016
                       It is not easy to pigeon-hole Qatar, a stand-alone Middle Eastern state in more ways than one, geographically, politically, economically, influentially. That Qatar aspires to becom...
  • The controversial Mohammed Dahlan
    on Aug 9, 2016
              For years rumours of plots and counterplots have eddied around the controversial figure of Mohammed Dahlan, the charismatic Palestinian politician whom PA President Mahmoud Abbas regards as his greatest enemy, and w...
  • The con-tricks at the core of BDS
    on Aug 2, 2016
            The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement proclaims as its basic purpose exerting pressure on Israel to agree to the two-state solution. The facts and the evidence point in a different direction. Were the true...
  • Can Lebanon ever rid itself of Hezbollah?
    on Jul 19, 2016
                      In about 1980 – the exact date is disputed – Hezbollah descended like an incubus­ on Lebanon’s body politic, fastening itself onto a sleeping victim. Subsequently, while it has bee...
  • Netanyahu's alliance of the African periphery
    on Jul 12, 2016
                      Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, had an acute mind and the capacity to think strategically, a capacity demonstrated time and again during his two periods in office.
  • Al-Sisi seizes the lead in the peace process
    on Jul 5, 2016
              President Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt is a man of vision. In addition to his ambitions for his own country, there is mounting evidence that he aims to build a positive legacy for himself in the wider Middle East. He...
  • France’s Middle East peace initiative and the Hamas conundrum
    on Jun 21, 2016
              The exact location in Paris where France’s Middle East peace conference took place on June 3 was not announced in advance to the world’s media. The precaution was fully justified on security grounds. For just...
  • Iran's winning ways
    on Jun 14, 2016
              The Iranians, heirs to the ancient civilization of Persia which stretches back into the mists of time, have inherited both its ruthless and its subtle and devious ways of achieving its purposes. Persia was once the...
  • Britain's EU referendum - the Israel dimension
    on Jun 7, 2016
              On June 23 Britain mounts only the third nationwide referendum in its history. UK citizens, at home and abroad, will be asked whether they favour the nation remaining in the European Union or leaving it.  ...
  • The Chaos in the Middle East, 2014-2016
    on Jun 3, 2016
    In my new book, due to be published on 28 August 2016, I attempt to expose the whys and wherefores of the Middle East’s growing chaos‘The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016’ attempts to unravel the confusing and intricate modern news of confl...
  • The jihadist civil war
    on May 31, 2016
              The bloodthirsty jihadist organization that calls itself Islamic State (IS) sprang from the loins of al-Qaeda, once the supreme bane of the western world, which achieved its apogee with the destruction of the twin t...
  • What is France up to in the Middle East?
    on May 24, 2016
              The name of the game is power politics. France was a major presence in the Middle East following the First World War, but has been on the retreat ever since, as decolonization has taken hold. Now France has seized...
  • Lethargy in Lebanon
    on May 17, 2016
              There are two major and long-standing areas of controversy in Lebanon – one political, the other judicial – and a casual observer might be forgiven for believing that things were on the move in both. It would be...
  • Will Assad survive?
    on May 11, 2016
              It is almost unbelievable, given the roller-coaster ride of Bashar al-Assad’s fortunes these past five years, that he remains President of Syria (albeit a much reduced dominion), and stands a fair chance of remain...