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Fastest updated FarmVille blog. includes guides, unreleased items, useful tips, a gallery, forums.. and a great chat! If you play FarmVille, we're the site for you!

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  • How Are We Doing?
    on Mar 17, 2010 in Site Announcements
    PLEASE NOTE: We are not Zynga, this is feedback for OUR site. We cannot make expansions happen, fix bugs on FarmVille nor bring out new items. Thanks. Note 2: The Neighbor Exchange is now live! Click the thin banner up top or click here to go check i...
  • Blue’s Clues, Blue’s Clu… Er, Petville Puppy Dog Clues!Woop! Looks like Dogs could be coming this week to FarmVille! PetVille has started dropping clues as to some of the types of dogs that will be in FarmVille. If you play PetVille you may get a popup saying: You’ve found a FarmVille Pet Clue! S...
  • FarmVille Farmer’s Market Informally Announced!
    on Mar 16, 2010 in FV Official News
    There is buzz about a new feature recently announced by Zynga through a special scoop interview from Libe Goad at Games.com. Looks like we may have some really cool things coming to FarmVille shortly so keep an eye out. We will have any new news here...
  • Alice In Wonderland and More!
    on Mar 16, 2010 in FV Official News
    Today we see a surprisingly early update with a few new items. Overall this isn’t a very exciting update, but it does have some nifty items. So lets get started! Note: Ghost Neighbors can FINALLY be deleted! If you have these, just click remove...
  • FarmVille Fanatic Erin’s Farm
    on Mar 15, 2010 in Farm Spotlights
    Since Jake shared his farm after the redesign he recently completed, and since it has been a slow weekend for FarmVille news, I thought I would share my farm and get some feedback as well! We’re also still interested in seeing all of yours and...
  • Latest Podcast Hinting at Colts!
    on Mar 12, 2010 in FV Official News
    With today’s big update we also have the latest Podcast! Looks like some Colts in our future! So give it a listen if you wish, or just take a gander below the Podcast at the (short) list of highlights for this weekend.Highlights of the PodcastF...
  • FarmVille Timer for iPhone and iPod Touch!
    on Mar 12, 2010 in Promotional
    Note: I recently discovered the promo codes are only valid for US customers. So please only send a photo if you are a US customer as the code will not work otherwise. I apologize for this and we will try to find more things like this for all of our...
  • Luck of the Irish?! Lots of new Items and Features!
    on Mar 12, 2010 in FV Official News
    Today’s update brings us all kinds of new stuff to enjoy in FarmVille. Continuing with the St. Patrick’s day and French themes we have lots of new green items and some awesome buildings. So lets start the roundup! Notice: Gifts that are o...
  • Unreleased Trees and a New Style for Ribbon Posts (and more)!We are hoping to see these new unreleased trees in the coming days! As always, unreleased items may or may not ever be released to FarmVille players. A gigantic thanks, once again, to Shiori and FarmViller for the heads up on these items! Note: The i...
  • Facebook Games from Zynga Are ‘Parasitic,’ says Alex St. John
    on Mar 10, 2010 in FV Unofficial News
    This is an article written recently by Alex St. John about his take on Zynga and its games. We at FarmVille Fanatic are not necessarily of this viewpoint and do not take credit for this article. Source is at the end of the post. Alex St. John is the...