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  • 12-12-12
    on Dec 11, 2012
    it's 12-12-12.. and yes, i'm sort of back.. i just thought of posting this on this special once in a lifetime date.. although, i will be coming back officially on 2013.. i really don't like explaining myself so i won't be explaining why i was gone fo...
  • night person
    on Feb 5, 2011
    ok.. having an iphone didn't really have any effect on my blog.. i still haven't made any significant number of posts. i've been really really busy with work.. with very frequent overtime.. i am not working normally.. it seems i tend to have the driv...
  • iphone apps
    on Feb 5, 2011
    how come there are only a few hello kitty iphone apps.. it is somehow forcing me to make one although i don't really know how.. but i could try.. i used to make customize wallpapers for my previous phones but making one for an iphone could be a real...
  • to forget and to let go
    on Feb 5, 2011
    how hard can it be to forget? we can sometimes easily forget little details or even important ones.. so i think it all depends on how much you want to hold on to it.. no matter if it's important or not.. so my question should have been.. how hard is...
  • iphone
    on Jan 16, 2011
    i'm actually hoping i'll get back to blogging again now that i got an iphone.. i used to think that if only i have a cellphone capable of connecting to wifi with aps like a blog writer, i'll be able to write more.. i just hope i'm right..
  • confusionmy life right now is full of confused thoughts.. about my work.. about this guy i met while i was away for months before.. about my room.. my plans.. my future.. but even if there’s a lot of confusion right now.. i still manage to stay sane.. that...
  • extra time
    on Oct 29, 2010
  • i am back
    on Oct 2, 2010
    sorry if i have been away from blogging these past few months.. there were a lot of diversions which i don’t think would matter.. so i don’t have to tell them all here.. besides, i hate explaining myself.. what matters is that i am back.. yet, i...
  • the real me
    on Jun 26, 2010 in about me hello kitty
    i haven’t really posted something about what i have been up to..  ‘cause i think there isn’t really anything going on that’s worth writing about..  although, there are a few.. i just didn’t feel like writing about them.. this is t...
  • Hello Kitty Camomilla
    on Jun 20, 2010
    i was searching for something new at shop.sanrio.com and saw these new designs by Camomilla for Hello Kitty.. they look simple but really nice.. and so girly..  i would want to have some of these collection.. but then, maybe not some.. but all!
  • what happened..ok i have no excuse or explanation as to what happened to my blog.. it’s just that i don’t know what happened.. my mind just simply went blank.. like as if i have nothing to say.. but i have been trying to think about what to do with this blog..
  • blog update #4
    on May 21, 2010 in blog blog update
    it’s been a while since i made an update.. there’s been a few changes on my blog.. i removed the feed readers link and stats and changed it to a stat counter..   i found a script for links to recent comm...
  • a song
    on May 18, 2010 in thoughts mood friendship about me
    i told myself that the song that would appear on my mixpod after i refresh would be for you.. and it came out to be Olivia Ong’s Koini Ochite (Fall In Love).. your favorite singer.. and the lyrics.. they seem to fit..click play button to listen..
  • best wake up call
    on May 18, 2010 in thoughts quote friendship about me
    my best friend told me this.. “he doesn’t want any connection with you anymore.. respect it.. you need to wake up!” and i told him, “ouch, that hit me really hard..” to my best friend, you’re the best.. not even my stubborn self would l...
  • talking behind a glass wallafter all these months, you haven't moved on and looked ahead? so what if i haven't.. truth is.. i wasn't expecting you to reply.. i wanted to make myself believe that you hate me.. might make it easier for me to move on.. so you're not supposed t...
  • why do you hate me?
    on May 14, 2010 in thoughts quote about me
    i sent a blank email with this title as the subject.. and i got this reply from him..after all these months, you haven't moved on and looked ahead? and no, i don’t hate.. but i have no idea what do you REALLY want/expect from me, and i find that di...
  • a lot of why’s
    on May 14, 2010 in thoughts mood about me
    why can’t i stop thinking of you why do i care about you so much why do i like you why do i still long to be your friend why won’t i quit most important of all, why does it have to be you...
  • confused
    on May 12, 2010 in thoughts blog mood about me hello kitty
    i’ve been quiet these past few days.. thinking.. assessing.. actually, i’m having thoughts about deleting this blog and making a new one.. but then, i really don’t know yet.. i’m actually confused.. when i started this blog, i didn’t set an...
  • i failed again (broken chain #3)
    on May 8, 2010 in thoughts blog about me hello kitty
    it’s been 5 days since my last post.. and last week i was only able to make 3 posts.. so finally after failing my blog goals for like three times already.. i’ve decided to just quit it.. not quit blogging.. just quit having these goals.. although...
  • my blog as a diary
    on May 3, 2010 in blog about me
    i don’t know if this is such a good idea but i seem to write a lot here about myself.. stuffs that i don’t normally tell anyone i know of.. or that i even kept as a secret.. i don’t know what urge me to write or for whatever purpose i have by w...