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  • No Moo for Me
    on Jun 28, 2010
    This blog site features Savvy approved Dairy free recipes and products! If it is not {Savvilicious} then it is not on this blog! Savvy is a 3 year old little girl who is an amazing Warrior Princess! At the age of 1 she received a liver transplant and...
  • 4 Essential Factors that Make Up a Good Web Page
    on Jun 18, 2010 in Tips and Tricks
    The following factors make up a good web page: purpose, content, web site usability, and design.Now that more people are using the Internet, establishing your own web page is one of the best marketing strategies for businesses to gain reputation, pop...
  • Kawartha Beads - Check out Her Ad Spot Giveaway!
    on Jun 17, 2010
    My name is April and you can follow my journey in handmade happenings at Kawartha Beads.I am the proud mommy to an adorable toddler, bead addict and coffee-aholic! I began my blogging adventure as a means to promote the supplies shop that I run in co...
  • Village of Moms Ad Spot Giveaway!
    on Jun 16, 2010
    **WIN AN AD SPOT WITH THE VILLAGE OF MOMS**Advertising is an excellent way for your product, shop or your personal blog to get more exposure! Before we giveaway the 2 ad spots, here's more info about me and this blog: Who is the mom behind the V...
  • Ad Spot Giveaway for The Pumpkin Patch!
    on Jun 11, 2010
    The Pumpkin PatchFor anyone who doesn’t know me, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am from a little corner of the world that I like to call The Pumpkin patch. I am a stay-at-home mom to 4 little pumpkins. When we decided to st...
  • Life in the Pitts Winner
    on Jun 10, 2010
    The winner for Life in the Pitts Ad Spot Givaway chosen by random.org is:#6 Ana Paula@ Get Craftin said... I'm a subscriber of Life in the Pitts newsletter! Please contact me at bloggerchixdesigns@hotmail.com so I can connect you with you button spon...
  • Scrappy Gifts Ad Spot Giveaway
    on Jun 8, 2010
    About Scrappy GiftsLove to scrapbook and need ideas? Check out my Scrappy Saturdays to get ideas or share your own.Need to find time to scrapbook more? Join in on my Online Crops at my Blog Frog Community to get some of your scrapbook projects done.
  • Mommies Blessings Winner!
    on Jun 8, 2010
    And the winner of Mommies Blessings Ad Spot Giveaway chosen by Random Number Generator at random.org is..#19  Lisa said... I am following A Mommy's Blessings through Google Friend Connect. Yay!  Please send us your e-mail and blog address t...
  • Life in the Pitts - Ad Spot Giveaway!
    on Jun 3, 2010
    Hi, my name is Helena, and I write Life in the Pitts. (also known as The Dramatic Thoughts of a Sometimes Crafty Newlywed)This past year I got engaged, got married, and moved across the country so my husband could start Dental School here in Pittsbur...
  • Fire Up Your Giveaway!In honor of the next couple of months and the fabulous blogs we will be featuring, I want to share some of the ways I discovered to promote your giveaway and your blog.Unless your a blogger who gets thousands of hits a day with tons and tons of peopl...
  • A Mommy's Blessings Ad Spot Giveaway! - Over
    on Jun 1, 2010 in Ad Spot Giveaways
    Hello! I am Holly, the writer of A Mommy's Blessings...a 29 year old, stay at home mama to 6 children, ages 7 and under!Why do I blog, and how do I have the time? Well, technically I don't. But blogging is my outsource to connect and stay focused. An...
  • A Mommy's Blessings Ad Spot Giveaway!
    on Jun 1, 2010 in Ad Spot Giveaways
    Hello! I am Holly, the writer of A Mommy's Blessings...a 29 year old, stay at home mama to 6 children, ages 7 and under!Why do I blog, and how do I have the time? Well, technically I don't. But blogging is my outsource to connect and stay focused. An...
  • BCD Renewed and Button Swap Moved
    on May 28, 2010
    Hello!  After a week of review and assesment, I have reworked BCD and made some changes.  Blogging shouldn't stress you out, and if it is, like it was me, then its time to re-evaluate!I've made some changes.  I'm focusing on my newslet...
  • I'm Here!
    on May 26, 2010
    I'm sorry, I'm making a lot of changes for this blog so I've been working on changes instead of posts.  Can't wait to tell you what I've learned as soon as I'm done which is very soon!
  • Button Swap & Grow Day 4
    on May 21, 2010 in Button Swap Blog Hop Web Resources
    Great news button swappers.  I've decided to make a more permanent location for the button swap blog hop of sorts.  It will be so you can go and find people to swap buttons with and get free advertising at any time during the week.  I...
  • Grow Your New Blog Day 3
    on May 20, 2010 in Web Resources
    Day three - time to look at your blog's topic.  What niche is right for you and will be most profitable?  I recently found a great program that walks you through finding which information that you already know is going to be best for your b...
  • Grow Your New Blog Day 2Alright, Day 2 of Growing A New Blog.  Today I did something that I haven't ever done before, but know will make a big difference.  I bought a domain.  Yes, me... I did it.  I have always put this off till I'm too far down th...
  • Growing Your New BlogOk, so to further teach, I've decided to "grow" my new baby blog the right way, and take you along for the ride.  Like I said last week, I've found a secondary niche as a new outlet for me on top of this one.  Because I've become so interes...
  • Button Swap Blog Hop #3
    on May 14, 2010 in Button Swap Blog Hop
    Today is the 3rd weekly Button Swap Blog Hop!  Where bloggers can get to gether and swap buttons to help promote and support each other.  Here at Blogger Chix Designs I encourage bloggers to be proactive and involved in growing their b...
  • I Found Julie's Blog
    on May 13, 2010 in Tips and Tricks Living On Less
    You know your a geek when you watch Julie and Julia and at the end you just really want to see her actual blog.  Granted I watched it a while ago and just barely got around to searching for it via swagbucks (I love swagbucks), but it was re...