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  • Let's Encrypt Closed Beta Invite
    on Nov 16, 2015
    I've been waiting over 2 years for my invite to Let's Encrypt. However just a few minutes ago I received my invite! Help and Know... Read More...
  • php5 (5.4.45-0+deb7u2) wheezy-security; urgency=medium
    on Nov 15, 2015
    As if you didn't know by now... (Raspberry Pi Notice) * PHP 5.4 has reached end-of-life on 14 Sep 2015 and as a result there will be no more new upstream releases. The security support of PHP 5.4 in Debian will be best effort only and y...
  • Linux Bash - Command Editing Shortcuts
    on Nov 15, 2015
    Here are some linux bash shortcut commands that I plan on getting use to using daily. Some I already use every now and again, others I do not. This is a nice reference sheet for myself. Ctrl + a – go to the start of the command line Ctrl + e –...
  • My Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail
    on Nov 15, 2015
    This is a reference for myself, these are the most used Gmail shortcuts that I use on a daily bases. Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmai... Read More...
  • How to Unblock your Website from Facebook & Instagram
    on Nov 9, 2015
    Has your website been blocked from Facebook or Instagram? Are you interested in getting your domain off the block list? Follow the instructions below. Good evening guys, I got a contact form request from that asked the social networ...
  • Pluto TV
    on Oct 18, 2015
    I found this little gem over the weekend, it basically aggregates the Internets video and movies and places them in to a nice channel line up. Pluto TV -... Read More...
  • Learning Git the Easy Way
    on Jul 20, 2015
    This week in training we are learning Git. Currently I have my Mac Pro setup with Git, and so far I have 3 files in my Git repository. file1 file2 file3 I have gone as far as to make changes to them, commit them, and read the logs on my changes.
  • Reading Man Pages When Linux Server Goes Down
    on Jul 12, 2015
    I can totally relate with this originally posted by NixCraft. "Me Reading man pages, when the Linux server is down and boss is asking to fix it ASAP LOL."... Read More...
  • IT Crowd on Supporting Internal Employees
    on Jun 14, 2015
    If you are here, chances are it's because I have linked you. Enjoy! ... Read More...
  • How to Configure VirtualBox with a Static IP in Linux
    on Feb 18, 2015
    In this entry I will go over how to easily configure VirtualBox and assign your linux machine a static ip. I am using GNU/Linux CentOs 6.5 as my disto. you may be using something like Ubuntu and if so then that is ok. The main focus here is how to a...
  • Advanced Renamer - Batch Rename Utility
    on Feb 1, 2015
    A small entry and thank you to a freeware project for Windows. I have been working on a project for a client at work for a couple of months now, and one of the tasks was to rename a large amount (634 pdf files) from one name to another. I have used...
  • How to Install Linux Screen for Remote Teaching
    on Jan 5, 2015
    This entry explains how to install the program on linux called screen. Screen can be used to help others via the command line in real time. Step by Step Install and Configuration of Screen for CentOS 6.5 1. yum -y install screen 2. Edit /etc/screen...
  • 10 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life -Challenge Accepted
    on Nov 12, 2014
    Here are a list of things that I will be doing for the next 2 weeks. Most of this list I do already, but I am going to follow Ben Rodrigue input and do them all. 1. Wake up an hour earlier than you have to. 2. Quiet your mind for 10 minutes. 3. An...
  • What is lsof Command in Linux?
    on Oct 21, 2014
    This entry explains the user] of the lsof command which stands for, List of Open Files...this can be really useful if you would like to see what files are currently running for the instance of a particular user. When running lsof it is always a good...
  • How to Create And Mount A Disk Partition in Linux
    on Oct 5, 2014
    This short entry explains how to create a mount a disk partition in linux. I will show you how to mount a peripheral such as a USB stick, External Drive, or anything else that can be easily remove from your Linux machine. Let’s get started. What y...
  • mkfs.ext3: Permission denied while trying to determine filesystem size
    on Oct 4, 2014
    While trying to mkfs I received an error: Permission denied while trying to determine filesystem size. This is a quick entry, I wanted to mount a device... Read More...
  • Remove Banned IP from Fail2Ban on Ubuntu / Raspberry Pi
    on Sep 27, 2014
    If you have never used Fail2Ban on your Linux distro. I would greatly recommended it, especially if you seeing a lot of traffic trying to brute force your standard SSH connection. Good practice: 1. Do not SSH on port 22 2. Do not use root 3. Disable...
  • How to Remove Flash from Adobe PDF Document
    on Sep 24, 2014
    This entry explains how to extract Adobe Flash PDF file to a common Adobe PDF file that does not have flash. If you have come across this issues, it may be due to a notification that states that Adobe Flash is required to open this Adobe PDF file. W...
  • Cisco ASA 5505 UL-BUN-K9 Sec+ Firewall
    on Sep 8, 2014
    This afternoon I purchased myself a Cisco ASA 5505 (EOL) for my home network. My quest is to become a proficient system administrator, and perhaps one day a full stack I figured it would be a good idea to get some of the gear. Now then, I...
  • If It Scares You: Cisco ASA 5510
    on Aug 31, 2014
    This is a new type of entry, much like my Linux postings that I have recently been doing, but in these blogs I will be posting about things that made me uncomfortable, but I did them anyways. Success's & failures. Well most of you know me as a web d...