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See the world through eyes of a kid from Malaysia studying in Singapore. Think about the world.. through the blog of another human in another part of the world. Sharing everything happening in.. life.

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  • second encounter
    on Jul 30, 2011
    this is the 2nd time i encounter this.The 1st time was in sg. when i was walking home from MRT after work, this boy, around 12 years old bump into me and tell me a big story about him lost his wallet and bla bla bla, got me to lend him 20 over dollar...
  • Online network marketing business
    on Mar 6, 2011 in mlm internet marketing
    As some of you might have noticed, I have recently been involved in an online network marketing business and pretty much trying to learn as much about internet marketing and SEO stuff as possible. So if you are expert in any of these area, kindly dro...
  • New home address
    on Feb 26, 2011
    Check this out !
  • Moving
    on Feb 19, 2011
    The blog is moving !! Where? Stay tuned.
  • Perfect workplace?
    on Feb 14, 2011
    A workplace where everyone has a dream A workplace where everyone is motivated A workplace where everyone supports each others A workplace where learning and development is emphasized doesnt it sound like a great place to work ?
  • Life is a struggle
    on Feb 9, 2011
    Chinese new year is finally over, gotta pack up my mood and back to work. Everything should be back to normal. Its great to have a whole week break, relax and rest at home. The time is definitely enjoyable, and that exactly made life tougher when it...
  • updates
    on Feb 1, 2011
    Been another long time since i last updated my blog, once again i manage to convince myself to update it before i go home for chinese new year celebration. of course this update will be a continuation of whats been happening i guess. Ever since my la...
  • not a good feeling
    on Jul 21, 2010
    I have been going for all sorts of interview recently. Some interesting, some not so. But after every interview, there are usually 2 results. One is you feel that you have done reasonably well in the interview and you probably stand a good chance of...
  • Enjoy your job
    on Jul 15, 2010
    Only if we believe that there is no such thing as a perfect job waiting for us somewhere, then only we will stop looking out and start appreciate and enjoy what we have.
  • think think...think carefully
    on Jul 15, 2010
    its a weird feeling. I have graduated. Have been applying to all sorts of jobs and unsure of what i really want. Sometimes i just feel like im not ready to get into a career. I havent identified what i would enjoy doing for the rest of my life, and s...
  • greed
    on Jul 14, 2010
    i guess its human's nature to be greedy. When you dont have it you would say things like "give me anything and i will take" When you are actually being offered A, you would start to reconsider if A is good enough, would i get something better than A?
  • more than 2 months
    on Jun 14, 2010
    seems like its been more than 2 months since i updated this space. well, whats happening is that i have graduated. have not found a job. Hopefully soon. Job hunting is definitely not so good an experience for me. The feeling is horrible when you send...
  • eww..its the time of the year.
    on Mar 31, 2010
    Its the time of the year again, just that this year its much more intense. at least what i felt. another item done today. 9 more items to clear before im done with uni. Been busy with everything but most stressed up about FYP. Good luck for me.Gradua...
  • time flies
    on Jan 25, 2010 in pure boredom
    When people say time flies does it mean that time is passing by really fast ?I think its true sometimes and its not sometimes. I think this year 2010 passes relatively fast, its been 25 days into the year, thats almost a month's time.and within the n...
  • Merry merry christmas...
    on Dec 24, 2009 in christmas
    merry merry christmas, lonely lonely christmas....i dont remember exactly if i really had a christmas countdown in the past years. remembering how i spent christmas in the past year. Last year i was in Vietnam...the year before i was in Taiwan...the...
  • its great to have a weekend..
    on Dec 19, 2009 in blog
    Its great to have a weekend i realize. And i foresee the long one will be even better. Has been 2 weeks after i started my internship, which obviously requires me to wake up early in the morning and rush to work taking 40minutes bus and train. now th...
  • work life balance
    on Dec 9, 2009
    Its my 3rd day at work today. By the time i reached my room its already 815 and i havent had dinner. Everyday in the morning i had to get out of my room by 8am and basically the life repeats itself. I wonder if this will be the working life after gra...
  • waddup !
    on Nov 18, 2009 in blog
    So waddup with the coming few weeks. Exams. Its been half past study week in NUS and exams are starting on 25th which is next wednesday. After the 3rd paper on 2nd december i will be free for about a month before stepping into the final semester. exc...
  • kiasuness
    on Nov 10, 2009 in Interesting me
    After spending 3+ years in singapore, today is the only day i experience kiasu-ness to the max !I just came back from a test. It was a final exam, 35% for one of my module. The prof mentioned that its a open book, open notebook, open laptop, open wat...
  • A very kind friend
    on Nov 8, 2009 in Interesting Friends friend very kind...tell him not to always say this in public then he keep post it in other people wall...ok la...since he also admit jor i have to share it with other people la....This is the power of jay chou by the way..