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This blog reviews various software packages and tools that allow you to set, track and manage your.. life goals. It also has some other information about motivation and mindhacks regarging goal.. setting in general.

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Other Tags: self-improvement, personal development, goal setting, goal setting software, motivation

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  • Mind mapping software and goal setting
    on Sep 29, 2010 in goal setting goal software
    Is mind mapping software a tool that you might use for goal setting? Well – yes and no. Depending on your definition it might be a tool to accomplish the whole process or just some of it. What is goal setting Many people have suggested that mind ma...
  • GoalBot review
    on Jul 21, 2010 in software reviews goalbot social web 2.0
    Goalbot is a free, simple goal setter and planner with a social twist. Fairly solid in the basics department, but don't expect any waterworks. Goal setting process - objectively First impressions are promising. You can dive right in into "Learning" a...
  • Avoid the “be yourself” trapSome thoughts on the culture obsessed with "being yourself", what negative effects it can have on you and how to overcome those negative though patterns by a subtle change from "what I want to have" to "who I want to be". I've been interested in sel...
  • Do new things or die mentallyThis is one of those post that I am writing only to read it myself in a month or so. I just came back from a fantastic ski trip to the Dolomites in Italy, where I was learning to snowboard. My bones and muscles are still sore, but there is something...
  • The difference between goals and action plans
    on Jan 1, 2010 in goal setting
    The flaws of some NY resolutions This is the time (day? week?) of year when most people take a brief look at their lives, form a sentence that is supposed to destroy whatever vice that first popped into mind, and go on with their lives as usual. If y...
  • HabitShaper review in progressJust started working on some goals with the use of HabitShaper. So far so good, we'll see how it will actually work in the long run. Results in more or less a month. Share and Enjoy: No related posts. Related posts brou...
  • The power of measuring goal progressLast month I've realized that I've been setting goals on weight loss for 2 years. The measurable result of these was at most temporary. I've realized that somewhere along the way there was a flaw in my process. I lacked two things: Knowledge - I kne...
  • Goal software 101: Trait #5: Choosing GS Systems
    on May 7, 2009 in goal software 101
    Over the years I've learned enough about goal setting to consider myself a connoisseur of goal setting systems. There were several concepts that influenced my vision of what is the best system, as did the tangible results that were achieved by follow...
  • Goal software 101: Trait #4: Total accessibility
    on Mar 31, 2009 in goal software goal software 101
    This is where all of on offline approaches fall short. I want my goals to be available for looking over any time I want it. Any. time. Some software systems will tell you that they are accessible any time, provided you carry your personal laptop anyw...
  • Of things to come
    on Mar 26, 2009 in announcements
    This post is actually written on May 26-th as a reminder that all the stuff that is going to appear on this blog since  the publishing date on this post (March 26-th) is material that has basically already been written - I just have to make some fix...
  • Review: Achieve-IT!This was basically the first piece of software that I encountered in my search. This also happens to be my first review on this blog. Because my testing procedure is not yet quantified and transparent - this will be a totally subjective review (as ar...
  • Lags
    on Mar 11, 2009 in announcements
    It's been a busy month. The saw is rusty and needs sharpening - and my blog needs some attention. I can hear it sobbing because of the lack of my nourishing hand PS. The Achieve-IT![!] review is on it's way. Share and Enjoy:...