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A dyslexically opinionated blogger unable to work due to past illness and abuse, hence explaining his need to blog to express himself.
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The Blog Our Parents WARNED Us About!! (With the occasional foray into feuilleton)

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Other Tags: satire, snark, esoteric, commentary, opinion

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  • So the "insult to economic freedom"
    on Jan 29, 2015
    Find ouit how to start a new tradition for yourself(and your business) by clicking the picture above anddiscovering its raison d'ĂȘtre.18h33 UTC; THURSDAY, 29 JANUARY 2015: Before Fox News and their conservative prolefeed minions as insist that ons s...
  • So the "people-centred" Reddingsdaad
    on Jan 26, 2015
    So what exactly lies at this link above?Click on same and find out!18h52 UTC; MONDAY, 26 JANUARY 2015: No wonder doublethink tending to hypocrisy is essential to the paleoconservative ideology and its articles of faith to which the rank-and-file Zeal...
  • So the "ennobling" experiment
    on Jan 24, 2015
    Witness what lies beyond this particular link. Just click on it. I dare you to so do.18h05 UTC; SATURDAY, 24 JANUARY 2015: So much for the Grand Delusion held deeply and dearly by especially "Tea Party"-tending Congressionals which suggests that the...
  • So the irrationally "Christian" explanations
    on Jan 22, 2015
    On the other hand, this link offers some worthwhile products for suchwomen as are "in a delicate condition," as it were.18h35 UTC; THURSDAY, 22 JANUARY 2015: Your Correspondent, for one, can do without the rather unscientifically irrational prolefeed...
  • So the State of the Union
    on Jan 21, 2015
    Too, you've got The Waterpark Capital of the World to consider.Click above to discover the best short-break values.18h36 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 21 JANUARY 2015: If anything, the RepubliKKKan and "Tea Party" replies to President Obama's Constitutionally-obli...
  • So the general strike rationale
    on Jan 19, 2015
    In other words, "God wants Spiritual Fruits, NOT Religious Nuts."In support therefor, click on the preceding image and see where it leads you.18h43 UTC; MONDAY, 19 HANUARY 2015: Your Correspondent understands where anti-abortionists of the most hard-...
  • So the contempt and loathing "For God and Country"
    on Jan 17, 2015
    18h50 UTC; SATURDAY, 17 JANUARY 2015: In response to some rather contemptuous remarks towards the disabled from the ilk of Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent and Sen. Rand Paul this past week alone as have the effect of questioning their Loyalty and Patriot L...
  • So the awards silly season
    on Jan 16, 2015
    Today's lead-off image leads to a Mystery Link, which you'll need to click to see.19h45 UTC; FRIDAY, 16 JANUARY 2015: As the Academy Awards for excellence in American cinema draw closer, there's no doubt there'll be plenty of competition for finding...
  • So the "Christian Honour"
    on Jan 14, 2015
    For those of you who need to stay medicated, this link should be rather helpfulin answering your needs in this respect.19h43 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 14 JANUARY 2015: Notwithstanding the Islamophobic denials Fox Prolefeed and their paleoconservative drookies...
  • So the "cultural integrity"
    on Jan 12, 2015
    Uh, before you go--save some time and get your ticketsfor the top Florida distractions like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios Orlando by clicking the picture above.18h52 UTC; MONDAY, 12 JANUARY 2015: You can just imagine the depths of...
  • So the "cultural heritage and identity"
    on Jan 10, 2015
    So why not get yourself a digital camera to make it all the easier?Check out the selection (and wholesale, @ that!) by clicking on as above.20h05 UTC; SATURDAY, 10 JANUARY 2015: Something for the so-called "cultural heritage and identity" crowd to po...
  • So the expectations
    on Jan 9, 2015
    Meanwhile, click this link for some worthwhile vacation values for money.So what stands in the way otherwise?19h42 UTC; FRIDAY, 9 JANUARY 2015: Is it any wonder, reader, that "Tea Party" and suchlike religiopolitical Zealots and True Believers would...
  • So the (manufactured) unity
    on Jan 8, 2015
    Find out how you can always remain well-stocked in this respect.Simply click on the preceding.19h56 UTC; THURSDAY, 8 JANUARY 2015: Before I begin this post, reader, may I offer my solidarity with the French satiric weekly gazetta Charlie Hebdo, twelv...
  • So the irony
    on Jan 7, 2015
    I know where you can get one of those phones.Just click on this picture and see for yourself.16h50 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 7 JANUARY 2015: If you're asking why this is somewhat early in the posting department, it's because of extremely cold weather and sharp...
  • So the ideologically-driven prolefeed
    on Jan 6, 2015
    19h12 UTC; TUESDAY, 6 JANUARY 2015: Virtually every time the paleoconservative ideologues go into full-on ballisto whining about Unhealthy and Dangerous Liberal Bias and Dominance of the AmeriKKKan Media to the point of whining "censorship" or "suppr...
  • So the jingoist pandering
    on Jan 5, 2015
    17h59 UTC; MONDAY, 5 JANUARY 2015: In seeking the "complete and final" corporatisation of the United States Postal Service, never mind the agency being Constitutionally obligated, you have to wonder whether some of the more overzealous "Tea Party" an...
  • So the betrayal of prolefeeding techniques
    on Jan 4, 2015
    18h12 UTC; SUNDAY, 4 JANUARY 2015: When you get right down to it, perhaps the one Federal court trial to watch in 2015 would have to be that of Alharbi v. Beck, et al., over repeated claims by paleoconserative prolefeeder Glenn Beck following the Unf...
  • So the worldband prolefeeding
    on Jan 2, 2015
    18h10 UTC; FRIDAY, 2 JANUARY 2015: With more mainline broadcasters stateside in our presumably "morally superior" United States starting to recognise that hatecasting is bad for business as much as listeners as advertisers, thanks in large measure to...
  • Because some things just needed to be commented on
    on Dec 31, 2014
    18h37 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 31 DECEMBER 2014: Just when you thought you wanted a nice, end-of-year break to reassess your options in blogging, especially considering where you've also launched another blog reflecting mein own Hanna-Barbera side of the mind...
  • So the jobs creation
    on Dec 17, 2014
    18h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 17 DECEMBER 2014: Given the "pay-to-play" mentalities which "Tea Party"-deluded governors in the several states have when it comes to jobs creation (thereby raising questions in and of themselves about possible corruption, illic...

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