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Observational blog written by a woman living in the Scottish Borders who thinks she's funny... *WARNING* contains british humor, satire and mild wit.

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  • Feelgood Friday #7
    on Aug 27, 2010 in Feelgood Friday
    G'day cobbers! How ya goin'? This week was my attempt at a  philosophy-themed week. Monday's entry, A Philosophical Post (too long and complicated to be described in this post), provoked mixed reactions, varying from one extreme...
  • Le Petomane
    on Aug 24, 2010 in Philosophy
    Hellooo Readers! Were you surprised by how short my post was on Monday (I was!)? It wasn't planned, but I quite enjoyed the fact that last week's blog had a kind of theme going on... you know, it began with aliens in ice cream vans, peaked with kil...
  • A Philosopical Post
    on Aug 22, 2010 in Short and Curlies
    Is Fate Accompli...?
  • Feelgood Friday #6
    on Aug 19, 2010 in Feelgood Friday
    Hello to Feelgood Friday, our visual joke only, no blabbing rubbish from me, day! (Well, you can all only live in hope! day it might actually happen, and the five of you will be left feeling bereft and abandoned!) I began this week with the...
  • Kilts: Could They Save the Known Universe?
    on Aug 18, 2010 in Goodies and Baddies
    Whilst researching yesterday's post How To Wear A Kilt, I discovered something that struck me as rather odd. Rather a lot of Time Lords (of UK tv's "Dr Who" fame) wear the kilt (or at least some form of tartan which, for the purposes of tenuous conne...
  • How To Wear A Kilt
    on Aug 17, 2010 in No Idea What to File this Under
    It has recently come to my attention that some of my male readership do not believe they are capable of wearing a Kilt. I think that this is a lamentable state of affairs, as the Kilt is one of the single most sexy pieces of apparel on the face of th...
  • The Klingons Are Coming
    on Aug 15, 2010 in Goodies and Baddies
    It's true - I read it in The Trumpton Times, so it must be true. The Klingons are coming! They're coming to take over planet earth 'cos we're messing things up. Fair enough, seems a good reason to me. But they're planning to make...
  • Feelgood Friday #5
    on Aug 12, 2010 in Feelgood Friday
    Hello to the many thousands of you who stop anything productive you happen to be doing, to come and read my blog instead. Here we are at Friday, once again. "So soon?" I hear the five of you cry in astonishment, "I thought we were still on...
  • 60 Days...and Counting!
    on Aug 10, 2010 in Blogging
    Hello readers! Today, I'm very proud to announce that it is "Life In a Scots Sitting Room's" 60-day birthday! TWO MONTHS OLD! There were those of you who thought we'd never make it this far (- I know, 'cos I was one of them). Some who thoug...
  • The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, An Alternative ViewThis weekend saw the launch of the 64th Edinburgh International Festival. It's the largest festival of the arts in the world...the entire world. Ever. It's the festival that has launched a thousand comedians, who have gone on to.... hold on just&nb...
  • Feelgood Friday #4
    on Aug 5, 2010 in Feelgood Friday
    Greetings readers! Welcome to Friday! This week I've been thoroughly entertained by a fellow blogger Kelly's post Lightening Strikes Big Butter Jesus. Oh how I laughed! I recommend that, after reading this, leaving a comment about...
  • Not Jim, Rudolf!Hello readers! Today I am presenting you with a homage of a tribute! This post is in homage to Cheezewhizz's post Really Jim? , in  which the Cheeseman pays tribute to all those (male and female alike, presumably) who have been christened...
  • Material GirlNot all that long ago, someone told me that they were "not a materialistic person". This statement set-off a discussion in my head (I'm a Gemini, and we often have discussions, and arguments with ourselves, in our heads. And yes, I'm fully aware that...
  • The Phantom Ice Cream VanThere's a mystery afoot in Trumpton. To be fair, there usually is some kind of mystery going on in Trumpton, but it's generally resolved within a day or two. This mystery has been going on for several years now. It's very, how to describe it.........
  • Top Gear
    on Jul 30, 2010 in No Idea What to File this Under
    My blog production team and I had a brainstorming meeting today. When I say a brainstorming meeting, I mean video conference interlink, of course, as I was in my penthouse suite (as per usual), my contributing editor, Kizzmyartz, is permanently locat...
  • Feelgood Friday #3
    on Jul 29, 2010 in Feelgood Friday
    Is anyone else wondering where last week went? Actually, where did the whole of July go? Just as I was getting into it! I'd like to take this opportunity (where I'm not writing anything, 'cos it's a visual joke only day), to welcome new readers and...
  • Big Cheese Update...
    on Jul 28, 2010 in Blog Feud(s?)
    Long-term readers (eg. more than two weeks!) will recall my post Mr Cheese, where I outlined how a blog feud began between Cheeseman and I. Cheeseman draws humor cartoons (an example of his visual wit here (click on cartoon to read what it...
  • Oooo-ehr Mr Mayor!
    on Jul 27, 2010 in Random News Stories
    Dear readers, do you remember a previous post, Freaky Trees, where I lamented the fact that here was a news story where not one of the reports had seized the perfect chance to make puns all the way through their story? Well, here's another...
  • My Ride-On Fantasy!
    on Jul 26, 2010 in Cyber Surfing
    My imaginary boyfriend and I were today bemoaning the state of our incredibly overgrown lawn. After much imaginary discussion (in my head), we decided that the thing to do would be to employ an imaginary Groundskeeper, who could research possible sol...
  • I Got An Award!
    on Jul 25, 2010 in Blogging
    Dunno about you lot, but I had another bizarre weekend! Well, maybe "bizarre" is quite a strong term in the World view of things bizarre, but for someone living in the fictitious town of Trumpton, it was pretty full-on, and included GETTING AN AWARD,...