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Go here to find all of the Club Penguin cheats, tips, and glitches. IF YOU WANT TO BE IN A VIDEO.. THAT GOESS ON YOUTUBE, CLICK HERE!!!!!

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  • Game Records
    on Jul 15, 2009 in Club Penguin Coin Tips
    Here are all of the records for the CP games that I and anyone else who posts currently holds: RECORDS!!! Cart Surfer: Flocktopus 621 coins Surfing: Flocktopus 1241 coins Ice Fishing: Flocktopus 174 coins Jet Pack: Flocktopus 407 coins Hydro Hopper:...
  • 1000 Days Old PARTY!!!Hey guys if you didn’t get my last post I AM BACK!!! When I got on yesterday I noticed I was getting VERY close to having my penguin at 1000 days old!!!  Just for that I am having a party!!!  It will be on Tuesday July 21 (the day I turn 1000...
  • Hey! Agent Pen43 hereHey! Just thought I would tell you, that Club Penguin is a thing of the past for me now. I am moving on! This past month I renewed my Membership for the last time I think.  So at the end on July, my membership will run out, and I will once again be...
  • BACK WOOT!!!
    on Jul 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey everyone Im back was getting new computer couldnt go on old one:(  Probably having a party soon keep checking this site for details!!!
  • Quick Agent Pen43 UpdateI just wanted to have a quick update. I wanted you to share in my joy!! On June 18th Agent Pen43 will officially be One Year Old! Woot! And no, I wont be having a party :P but if you see me on the 18th, you can wish me Happy birthday.  :D...
  • Agent Pen43 QuittingYes, yes, I know. I haven’t posted in forever and Lil Potts had been doing a great job on my other site, but still, I don’t think I can really do this. So I am quitting blogging for now, maybe forever. But I might take it back up when Flo...
  • Last and Final TearsToday, all accross the Club Penguin Blogging World, Millions Shed a Tear for Bellerophont, as ends his journey.  See his blog for more, and a very cool video of his journey. http://bellerophont.com/ Also, many know this, many not, Watex has ALSO lai...
  • Aunt Arctic! Finaly!
    on Mar 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
    I finaly met Aunt Arctic!! So Far I have met Cadence and Aunt Arctic at the stage. The reason of my finding  A.A. totally goes to Mimo777 and the CPG comment Tracker. clubpenguingang.com. It works better than ANYTHING I have ever tried. So no offenc...
  • Rockhopper!!!Woot! I met Rockhopper!! On accident!! I wasn’t even trying!!! I decided to get on one of the pengs Max gave me for winning a commenting contest, and I’m just sitting in the Rainbow town and suddenly ROCKHOPPER appears!! And I’m lik...
  • Agent Pen43 Blog!!!Woot! The Agent Pen43 Blog is now up and running!!! Check it out at agentpen43.wordpress.com. I will try to get a better quality version of my video up. I am attempting to get a youtube account. once i get that, I can post the video. Hopefully it wil...