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Anime, video games, and the occasional comic article...Oh my! Band of the Hawk is the "little.. bit of whatever" blog to pass the time while we wait for new Berserk Chapters to come out.

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  • Berserk 346 - Elfhelm
    on Aug 28, 2016 in Berserk
    Previously on Berserk, Gutts and his group feast in the home of the archmages as they question them on Griffith and the poor state of the world. However, while most are thankful for the food, Gutts is eager to move on and get Casca fixed up by the El...
  • Nosferatu Zodd Confirmed Playable in Berserk MusouKoei Techmo has been slowly confirming a growing cast of characters for Berserk Musou, but today it adds one more to its ranks, and it is a big one. Today, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsuconfirmed the Nosferatu Zodd is indeed playable. Previously he...
  • Berserk 345 - Archmage
    on Jul 25, 2016 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, after defeating the pumpkin and flaming wickerman defense system of the younger mages, Gutts and his group meet  archmage Gedfryn who escorts them to the village where other mages, as well as the Elf King, lives. Along the...
  • Berserk 344 - The Witch's Village
    on Jul 19, 2016 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, Gutts and his crew finally landed on Skellig Island, but their path was soon barred just off the shore by an army of Great Pumpkins and the giant burning wicker statue from Burning Man. Are these magicked items a match for this...
  • Berserk Warriors Game Confirmed for Western Release, Gets New Trailer
    on Jun 23, 2016 in Berserk Musou Berserk Warriors
    Wonderful news from Japan today as Koei Tecmo confirms that no, you won't need to import Berserk Musou, because it will be coming to the west. This new Berserk game will be coming to the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 in Japan on September 21st this year, and...
  • The New Berserk 2016 Trailer Looks Gross
    on Jun 12, 2016 in Berserk Anime 2016
    ...and not in a good way.The new Berserk PV released on the NBC UniversalYouTube channel on June 10th gave us yet another look into the new Berserk anime series, but it was something that fans could have done with out. Expanding on the previous chara...
  • Berserk Staff Chime in On Upcoming Anime Project
    on Jun 1, 2016 in Berserk Berserk Anime 2016
    With the upcoming Berserk 2016 anime just a month away, with the first premiere happening on WOWOW on July 1st, some of the staff working on the anime are becoming a little less tight lipped about it.What do they have to say about the new project?Ita...
  • Berserk Anime 2016 Offical Teaser Trailer Released
    on Mar 26, 2016 in Berserk Berserk Anime 2016
    NBC Universal released the above teaser trailer, the first since the small glimpse shown at Winter Comiket 2015. The above video shows off not just the animation, but the soundtrack as well. With an interesting styilized mix of 2D and and CGI visuals...
  • Berserk Anime 2016 Staff and Voice Actors Revealed
    on Mar 22, 2016 in anime Berserk Berserk Anime 2016
    This month's issue of Hakusensha's Young Animal didn't come out with a new chapter of Berserk, but instead it released a list of the upcoming Berserk anime's cast, production staff, and again, advertising its July 2016 premiere. The Berserk 2016 Japa...
  • 2016 Berserk Anime Project Will Air in July, Confirmed to be an Anime Series
    on Feb 5, 2016 in Berserk Berserk Anime 2016
    Amazing, mind-blowing, riots-of-happiness-causing news, everyone! Today the website for the upcoming 2016 Berserk anime project launched and confirmed not only what format the project will be in, but a release date for it that is probably sooner than...
  • First Promotional Video for Berserk Anime 2016
    on Dec 29, 2015 in anime Berserk Berserk Anime 2016
    Released during Winter Comiket 89 in Japan at the NBC Universal booth, this first teaser of the new Berserk Animation Project (likely a movie) hypes Gutts' giant Dragonslayer and shows little else besides obnoxious usage of CGI.
  • Berserk 341 - Soaring Escape
    on Dec 28, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, Rickert, Silat, and the Tapasa fight the shadow assassin Raksas in the streets of Falconia at night. While trying to slay it with light, fire, bowgun, and even toe knife, the creature persists. However, as the crew tries to fin...
  • Berserk 342 - Landing
    on Dec 28, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, Rickert arrived in Falconia with refugees only to be forced to leave after slapping Griffith and having a Kushan assassin set on him. With the help of former Kushan Silat and Daiba, Rickert and Erica manage to flee the city on...
  • Berserk 343 - Flame Doll
    on Dec 28, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, Gutts and his crew finally landed on Skellig Island. However, instead of a simple walk to Elfhelm, they were greeted by countless traps and looked on by unknown humans. After overcoming a field of stones that caused those not f...
  • Berserk 340 - Struggle in the Dark
    on Dec 27, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, Rickert decided to leave Falconia after slapping and snubbing Griffith. However, before he can leave a Kushan creature called a Raksas attacks Rickert. Before Rickert can be slain by the creature he is saved by another Kushan n...
  • Berserk 339 - Moonlit Capital
    on Dec 27, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, after slapping Griffith right in his pretty face, Rickert decides that it might not be wise to remain in Falconia, lest he or his new friends face the wrath of the city's glorious leader. However, just as he steeled his resolve...
  • Berserk 338 - Death Visits at Dusk
    on Dec 27, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, after witnessing Griffith perform miracles and then seeing the demon army he keeps behind closed doors, Rickert finally meets his old commander again for the first time since on the Hill of Swords. Rickert has the realization t...
  • Berserk 337 - Bridge of Parting
    on Dec 25, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, Rickert followed demon general Locus to Pandaemonium where Griffith keeps his demon army. Shocked at how Griffith could be so much like a God and a demon, he eventually returned to speak with the man himself.After the mass fune...
  • Berserk 333 - Paradise
    on Dec 24, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, the manga shifts focus from Gutts and his journey to Rickert and a group of refugees travelling through the forest while being chased by trolls. While Rickert and his amazing invention keeps the beasts at bay, they are almost o...
  • Berserk 335 - Divine Right
    on Dec 24, 2015 in Berserk manga
    Previously on Berserk, Rickert found himself inside Falconia and was getting settled with Erica. However, he was invited to talk with Griffith in his new capital and was left weary after their last meeting on the Hill of Swords.The chapter begins wit...