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De-mystify sales and make sense of the most common sales terms. Advice, opinions and tips gained.. from top performance in sales. It is from 1000s of little things you do right.

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  • Take the COLD out of CALL
    on Nov 20, 2010
    I am an advocate of cold calling.  Cold calling IS necessary in today's uncertain, competitive climate. To rely on warm leads aka referrals is simply unrealistic. My cold calling techniques change based on who/what I am targetting, but I'll try t...
  • Failure to follow up equals failure
    on Oct 17, 2010
    EVERYONE's perspective on how they personalize follow up is valuable because every sales situation is different, yet if you try a consistent, methodical approach to follow up you will increase your success rate. For example, to put my money where m...
  • LOVE what you DO
    on Oct 16, 2010
    If you've bothered to read "About Me" the required boasts about accomplishments is suppose to help establish credibility or prove to you that I am an authority on the subject of which I speak. One element I always look for when I look at the gaz...
  • "The Apprentice" Class(less)room
    on Oct 10, 2010
    Image by OPEN Sports via FlickrDo you ever wonder why you're not politically savvy or want to learn how NOT to behave under pressure?  If so, then I recommend you watch this Seasons "The Apprentice" (switched from Sundays to Thursday nights) featu...
  • If you're SEO you may be SOL
    on Sep 19, 2010
    Remember when we were kids and our parents spelled things between each other so that we couldn't tell what they were talking about?  That was a great tactic before a commitment was made for us all to go for "i-c-e  c-r-e-a-m".    Then we clued i...
  • You Can't Snow the Snowman
    on Sep 6, 2010
    Sales, more than ever, needs leadership that leads by example.  Why?  Sales professionals are a  quirky, ego-driven group who value success to benchmark -- over achievement on targets, plaques on the wall, etc. At the minimum, sales management ha...
  • Forecast, project or dart board?
    on Aug 23, 2010
    There is much to be said about the debate amongst operations, service and sales regarding forecasts.  All have viable arguments or points of view.   Operations and service  need accurate forecasts to ensure they have the right amount of perso...
  • When the going gets tough, the tough go HUNTING!
    on Aug 5, 2010
    Can you imagine if we all went to sleep tonight and woke up tomorrow morning in the caveman era? If we don’t starve first, we’d be bruised from fighting each other to get the only small morsel of food left! Ugg. In today’s world, the terrain i...
  • The rules haven't changed in sales basics
    on Jul 22, 2010
    People buy from people. That hasn't changed over many generations. Yet, how we interact with customers and prospects certainly have. Professionally, I just had to take the "Introduction to SEO/SME" online course by Google that I was fortu...
  • Hogwash, Greenwash, Brainwash or Lipgloss
    on Jul 21, 2010
    Do you consider sustainability Hogwash, Greenwash, Brainwash or Lipgloss?  Depending on where you stand, you might sit under one banner.  A Hogwasher may be someone who may be more of a traditionalist who views it just another thing that people a...
  • This customer is so rude!
    on Jul 14, 2010
    A question was posted on LINKED IN by Desmond: "What's the most professional way of overcoming a client's professional discourtesy? i.e. Not returning phone calls, emails, or failing to follow through on committments, etc." My response is...
  • Who can you TRUST?
    on Jun 22, 2010
    I participated in a discussion forum generated from the question posed on what really counts when selling print? The same answer applies to most any form of sales: TRUST. If you ask most customers to choose, they will say either/or Quality and Ser...
  • Talking Turkey about .ppt Presentations
    on Jun 20, 2010
    So, you've been asked to "to put together a few slides to present" to your mgt, colleagues, community, or as an expert on a topic ... now what? Public speaking, which includes presenting .ppt, is the number one fear, over death, divorce, p...
    on Jun 9, 2010
    A new sales veteran pal of mine, Mel Harding, (on LINKED IN) VP Product Development of Occulus.com and I have been exchanging and participating in discussions on qualifying. Everyone knows that they've heard the term "qualify" or told that...
  • Is COLD CALLING really necessary?
    on May 26, 2010
    Cold calling is always necessary in any times, any industry, any target company size. The how/what/where is the gem. I consider "cold calling" active, personal research. You can uncover potential clients or opportunities that you would not...
  • What is QUALIFICATION in sales?
    on May 25, 2010
    It's that old selling example of selling ice to an eskimo. I say the eskimo has not been qualified appropriately. If you "qualify" the eskimo, you would ask him where he plans to put the ice, how he plans on using it, and if it is going to...
  • YOU make all the difference to your prospect
    on May 14, 2010
    Everyone wants to work with a winner. Key differentiation is YOU. What do you do that is unique? If you're not sure, ask your best customers why they work with you specifically when they could work with those others in your market. You have to be abl...
  • How many TIMES do you CALL?
    on May 14, 2010
    Many of us sales types start to wonder if we're being annoying and that's why we're not getting calls back from our calls. So how many times is too much?I don't think there is a clear cut answer, yet I know statistically, 85% of all sales reps give...
    on May 13, 2010 in Sales blog started
    Interest from my various opinions on LINKED IN primarily to do with sales expertise inspired me to start my own blog for a few that said they would like to follow me and learn from my own experience as a top performer in sales, consistently and disci...
  • HOW do you stay on top in the sales "game"?
    on May 13, 2010 in How do you stay on top
    If you are REALLY strongly connected with your customers and get to know who they are, who their competitors are, who their customers are and what is impacting their industry .... then your answer is self-explanatory from this. It is critical to unde...