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A great World of Warcraft blog filled with insights, tips and strategies from a veteran player.

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  • Why is Chillwind Yeti a Good Hearthstone Card?
    on Feb 19, 2014
    When discussing Hearthstone cards, one would be hard pressed not to hear reference to a card's value.  A card with good value is a card that gives you a lot of oomph and advantage for the mana invested.  In many circles, the Chillwind Yeti...
  • Upgrade: Swap Your Bloodfen Raptor
    on Feb 11, 2014
    Hearthstone actually does a decent job of giving you starter cards that can be worked into a serviceable deck.  However, some of the starter cards have next to no place in a competitive deck.  These cards are always ripe for an upgrade and...
  • The End of the World... of Warcraft
    on Feb 9, 2014
    So, I haven't been playing World of Warcraft much these days.  In fact, I have probably only played Mists of Pandaria for an hour or two total.  I still keep up with the game through my favorite Warcraft websites and by following a handful...
  • Blizzard Now Selling Gold for Cash... In Pet Form
    on Oct 11, 2011 in Blizzard News Pets
    The good folks over at Blizzard announced yesterday morning that a new pet will be arriving in the World of Warcraft Pet Shop in the near feature.  He seems to be a cuddly miniature version of the Winged Guardian mount already available for purc...
  • Reforging for Feral Tanks in Cataclysm
    on Jan 3, 2011 in Gear Tanking Druids Guilds Feral
    Cataclysm introduced a new form of item customization called Reforging.  Through Reforging, a player can take a certain percentage of an items secondary stats, such as Mastery, Haste, or Crit, and trade them for another.  The system is stil...
  • Feral Druid Guide to Hit and Expertise in Cataclysm
    on Jan 3, 2011 in Guides Gear Druids Feral
    Hit Rating and Expertise are important stats for Feral Druids to keep tabs on.  Unfortunately, they can also be rather confusing.  To help take some of the mystery out of these stats, I have put together a brief guide laying out everything...
  • Warcraft New Year's Resolutions
    on Dec 31, 2010 in Leveling Archeology Holidays
    It is a time honored tradition that at the beginning of a New Year, people make pledges to do or stop doing things so as to make the coming year better than the last.  In keeping with that trend, I decided it might be entertaining to put togethe...
  • Druid Digest Mailbag: Archeology Digging and Gearscore Rigging
    on Dec 30, 2010 in Mailbag Archeology Gear Professions
    Happy holidays everyone! I get a lot of questions from readers via email and respond to every one. The other day, however, I was thinking that other readers might have the same questions and might just not have taken the time to ask. Towards that...
  • Cataclysm Heroics: Making Better Raiders?
    on Dec 29, 2010 in Grouping Raids Instances Cataclysm
    Let me say right off the bat that I do not believe that Cataclysm Heroics are overly difficult.  I also, however, do not side with the camp that argues they are too easy.  Can they be rolled by a well geared raiding guild?  Of course t...
  • Cataclysm Faction Rewards for Balance Druids
    on Dec 20, 2010 in Death Knights Cataclysm Gear Moonkin
    World of Warcraft Cataclysm introduced a number of new Factions that players can improve their standing with through questing and/or wearing special reputation tabards while running level 85 instances.  The other day I presented a list of all...
  • Cataclysm Faction Rewards for Feral Druids
    on Dec 16, 2010
    World of Warcraft Cataclysm introduced a number of new Factions that players can improve their standing with through questing and/or wearing special reputation tabards while running level 85 instances.  Each of these Factions offers a variety of...
  • Best Feral DPS Spec in 4.0.1 and Cataclysm
    on Dec 1, 2010 in Cataclysm Talents Druids Feral
    In light of all the positive response to our post on the Best Feral Tanking Spec for 4.0.1, I decided to give our friends on the Feral DPS side of the coin the same treatment.  As with Feral tanking, there is currently one clearly superior spec...
  • New Moonkin Pet Now Available
    on Nov 30, 2010
    A couple of new additions have just arrived in the Blizzard Store, one of which will be of particular interest to all the Druids out there.  Head on over to the Store now to check out the Moonkin Hatchling.  You can even feel good about you...
  • Cataclysm is Coming
    on Nov 29, 2010 in Leveling Cataclysm Quests
    We are now officially only one week away from Cataclysm's release, so it is time to nail down your plans for the opening days of the expansion.  Some people may elect to race to level 85 as quickly as possible, either to simply get straight to t...
  • Deathy the Murlock Video
    on Nov 2, 2010 in BlizzCon Cataclysm Pets
    Those who attended Blizzcon this year or who paid for the digital download were treated to yet another in game Murloc companion.  This years pet is Deathy and he is clearly a fan of Deathwing, Cataclysm's main antagonist. Currently on the l...
  • Balance Druid Rotation in 4.0.1
    on Oct 17, 2010 in Guides Cataclysm Moonkin
    In World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.1 Balance Druids were given a new resource to manage in the form of an updated Eclipse mechanic.  As a result, Moonkins find themselves quickly trying to smooth out a new rotation.  Lucky for you, I have alrea...
  • Best Feral Tanking Spec for 4.0.1
    on Oct 14, 2010 in Guides Cataclysm Talents Tanking Feral
    Now that we have gone through how to Feral tank in patch 4.0.1, now it is time to make sure our talents are in the right place.  At the moment, there appears to be one clearly superior spec for Feral tanking.  Though there is some room to t...
  • Feral Tanking Guide for 4.0.1
    on Oct 14, 2010 in Guides Cataclysm Tanking Druids Feral
    After a brief sabbatical, I have returned to Druid Digest just in time to help you sort through the confusion that is Patch 4.0.1 for World of Warcraft.  As anyone who has logged onto the realms recently can tell you, World of Warcraft's mechani...
  • Blizzard Has Plans to Save Inscription in Cataclysm
    on Oct 14, 2010 in Glyphs News Professions
    For those of you who were worried that the new glyph changes would drastically harm Inscription as a profitable enterprise in Cataclysm, it's time to worry slightly less.  Blizzard has just announced that after level 80, swapping out a glyph wil...
  • Cataclysm Druid Armor Set BonusesI am a big fan of armor set bonuses.  They present Blizzard with the opportunity to gift new and interesting class mechanics upon dedicated raiders.  When we review the List of Druid Set Bonuses, we see that the developers have frequently t...

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