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  • When Sachin Retires!
    on Mar 27, 2011
    The intention of this article is not to praise the Little Master but to acknowledge the great who masters the cricket. Sachin, a university for cricket doesn't show off and this particular character on and off the field is fetching him huge fans. We...
  • When Sachin retires
    on Feb 11, 2011
    Coming soon...
  • Clean My Cricket
    on Oct 7, 2010 in Sports Cricket
    Now whats the hot talk in Cricket? - Is that how to save ODI amid T20s? No but how to save Cricket from Fixtures?A depressed boy on scandal hit cricketers:You played, others cheered, I played, others cursedYou introduced Test, I tested my StreetYou m...
  • I Miss You..,
    on Sep 26, 2010 in Poem I Miss you Love
    In your apart,my casual departs. Hard to make & a feel of lost..!hear your whispers,in around and surround..,catching the roll backs,chewing the moment, sitting unconscious,you,in me conscious, holding tight My self..!My lids..!Breathing deep..!B...
  • on Sep 23, 2010
    Coming Soon: Clean My Cricket...
  • Positive Attitude - Learn with your Hairs
    on Sep 18, 2010 in Hairs Bald Positive Attitude Funny
    I'm damn sure that the following two would be the greatest examples of positive attitude :-Adamant Hairs : Not only my thoughts even my hairs keep looking at sky, Poke those who parks their fingers & they never obey my comb. Oh! I got 'Spikes' by n...
  • Monster for Cricket
    on Sep 15, 2010 in Sports Cricket Fix
    We do pray for our team, If it wins we do scream!   -India Vs PakistanWe do pray for our sport, It should win & find the fort!   -Cricket Vs Fixture...
  • Love being Bald
    on Sep 15, 2010 in Bald Funny
    coming soon...
  • Respect
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Respect
    Respect is none, But Surviving his own duty..!No one Anticipate the Respect, But its the treasure given to him..!Remembrance is the canvas to his own mind, Whereas Respect is the Kanji scripts for many other mind..!Giving respect & fascinating r...
  • Thought
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Thought Experience
    Learning from the past, not predicting future To make aware, not to scare To be followed, not to be swallowed Comes out of an experience, not by a moment- My Present thoughts from the Past, for the Future...
  • Human
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Sense Human
    Realizing mistakes and not repeating them is First sense, Accepting past and living present, future is Second sense, Expressing love and kind is Third sense, Smiling and sharing is Fourth sense, Researching your likes and dislikes is Fifth sense, Res...
  • Fifa'10
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Sports Fifa Octopus Spain Funny
    Finally it was the "Octopus" who won the world cup!Oops! Spain's efforts in vain?
  • Teach
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Teach Lesson
    Never teach as u know, Teach to grow As u know...Never teach as u earn, Teach to learn As u earn...
  • Hardwork
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Success Hardwork
    Hard work doesn't rely on the result, Its the result which relies on Hard work.Success might not be the result of Hard work, Its hard work which results to Success...
  • Friendship
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Friendship Friends ChwtGuyz
    * A flavor added by friends * The essence of my life * The cradle of trustStarted to build when we were in school, Astonished when we were in college, Stood at hard times of course, We are The ChweetGuyz...
  • Friendship Day
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Friendship Friends
    The Day, which facilitates Friends that fascinates Friends.I'm proud to be a part of it, I prove to be worth of it...
  • Time
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Time
    I knew its an short while, yet i reacted Less, as it was an long-while to me. Some insisted, but most of the time i resisted. Convinced and looking back, Its only the Reward behind me, that i was Reckless...Its the fact that Time never starts and ne...
  • Push or Pull?
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Funny
    Confuses, Only when I'm nearing the doorsteps...
  • Charity - A path to have my footprint
    on Sep 7, 2010 in Charity Humanity Thought Poverty Rupee
    Birth of my charity: Started for just to grab a certificate & a medal when i was studying 3rd standard. Collected 275Rs from my shop's customers. Of course my thought was to grab a Gold Medal (yup, gold coated) but end up with a Silver one! An i...
  • Sharing
    on Sep 5, 2010 in Sharing Quote
    Meant for Getting not for Taking,Meant for Giving not for Throwing...