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I am a proud member of the Order of Magellan and King Neptune's court. I have sat and studied at the feet of Holy Men, Shamans and Gurus. I have Loved, lost and Loved again. I have performed in front of 5000 people and 5. I have walked the same roads as Protagonists and Antagonists. I have seen History happen in front of me and been part of making History. I have shared meals with the rich and famous and with the homeless man on the street corner. I have drank 100 yr. old Scotch and beer made in the kitchen. I have seen the ghost of Charles Bukowski and watched him guide the hand of a true Bard.

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Welcome to my life. My world is made up of sounds I see, colors I smell and words I taste. In the.. coming days, weeks and years I will share with you MY adventures in writing, music and life...I have.. a feeling that this is going to get VERY interesting.

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