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Watch a day by day account of my Russian tortoise, Hank, through journal posts, pictures and videos.

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  • Face
    on Oct 22, 2010
    Weight: 392.5g...
  • Contemplation
    on Oct 22, 2010
    Weight: 391.1g...
  • The Sixth Sense
    on Oct 21, 2010
    Flight bitches.And we have liftoff...Fuck.But seriously, turtles, especially aquatic turtles, seem to have senses we can't explain. To quote from the San Diego Zoo's information page on tortoises & turtles (src) --Some turtles seem to have senses...
  • Hank. The Tank.
    on Oct 20, 2010
    Weight: 394.8gRussian tortoises, though not readily apparent, do have ears. As they lack external ears they have what are in effect vibration locators. They can hear only low frequencies and in the case of turtles, variations in water pressure. To lo...
  • Please step outside my enclosure.
    on Oct 19, 2010
    Weight: 397.9gLately, since it's getting colder he hasn't been eating as much. Yesterday he probably had a few leaves before going straight back to sleep. If you have been following the daily weigh-ins, then you will notice that he has dropped about...
  • He's going for it!
    on Oct 17, 2010
    Weight: 396.4g...
  • Asleep
    on Oct 16, 2010
    Weight - 398.1gOkay, substratesTortoise owners find it is easiest and the most tortoise friendly to house their tortoises outdoors. However, if you are housing a tortoise indoors, there are a variety of substrates marketed towards tortoises. Personal...
  • Side Cam
    on Oct 15, 2010
    Also check out the making of Hank Jr. - - 404.7g...
  • Face Time
    on Oct 14, 2010
    Weight - 406.1g...
  • Living Area
    on Oct 13, 2010
    Weight: 400.6gA lot of tortoise owners house their tortoises in outdoor enclosures in their backyards. This is ideal and puts the tortoise right into his natural environment. This requires the minimum amount of maintenance. The enclosure can be made...
  • On the Move
    on Oct 12, 2010
    Weight - 402.3g...
  • I walks thru ma foods!
    on Oct 11, 2010
    Weight - 401.4gMost Russian tortoises are voracious eaters and aren't too pick about the kinds of greens they eat. They should be fed mainly on broad leaved greens like kale, spinach etc. Food with too much protein and/or sugar content should be avoi...
  • Shell Relief
    on Oct 10, 2010
    Weight - 400.3gHere is a picture of Hank with better lighting so you can have a better idea what his shell looks like. Under poor conditions like low humidity, too low/high calcium intake and lack of exposure to sunlight or absence of a UVB bulb can...
  • Sleeping
    on Oct 9, 2010
    Weight - 396.7gOnly time he's been waking up recently has been to eat and when I force him to walk around my yard every evening. Sometimes though,, he looks so comfortable, I don't bother him.Russian tortoises generally tend to live between 50-75 yea...
  • Hank in Habitat
    on Oct 8, 2010
    Weight - 390g...
  • Camera Shy Chauvinism
    on Oct 8, 2010
    Weight - 386.6gIt's been cold around here, so he's been mostly sleeping after a huge feeding frenzy. Also you can tell he is a male by his tail in a previous pic. Males have longer tails that they tend to tuck away under their shell, usually to one s...
  • Ass face
    on Oct 7, 2010
    Weight - 367gHasn't been eating as much because it's been really cold the last couple of days. Had a huge meal today though!
  • For perspective.
    on Oct 6, 2010
  • Lost some Weight
    on Oct 5, 2010
    But I think he was overweight to begin with!Weight - 389.6g...
  • 10/01/2010
    on Oct 2, 2010
    I'm going to try and put up a new picture of my awesome Russian tortoise, Hank, atleast every other day. Hope you enjoy watching him grow and make sure you let me know what you think of him!Length - 112mm, Weight - 399.3g...