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PÚBLIO ATHAYDE, 47, single, university professor in the areas of History, Sociology, Politics and Education. He graduated in History (Licentiate and Bachelor) the year of 1987, for the Federal University of Ouro Preto - UFOP, having been advantage of, soon after, as professor-substitute of this institution. Still in Ouro Preto, it taught Chess in the Federal Technical School of the City, it participated of several Festivals of Winter, courses and events in the areas of Museology, Arquivology, History of Minas Gerais and of the Art - knowing the historical of the area of Ouro Preto documental collections and Mariana quite closely. He has wide professional experience as teacher, having taught in important institutions of basic and superior teaching in the State of Minas Gerais, in States of Pará and of the Espírito Santo. He still in the department of Social Sciences of Espírito Santo Federal University, as professor auxiliary substitute, in the College of History of the University of Tocantins, as assistant, in the Center of Research and Development of human resources (CEPEDERH) of the Union of Business and Administration (it UNITES). He has professor visitor in masters degree course, in the Department of Applied Sciences to the Education of the ability of Education of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), among another; now he is Professor at the Departments of History and of Education of the Ability of Human Sciences of Pará of Minas (FAPAM). In most of the cases, he admitted by selection competition. The main activity exercised now is the one of Academic and Literary Reviewer, coming rendering services close to the faculties and discente of several higher education Institutions. With degree of Master in Political Science and Doctorate in Human Sciences: Sociology and Politics begun in UFMG, still took masters degree courses (lato sensu) in Theory and Methods of the Social Sciences for PUC-MG and Modern and Contemporary History for the same institution. As manager, was partner-director of Crinth - Education & Culture, in Belo Horizonte, specialized to be teachers' and education professionals’ agent, psychology and educational consultant's services. He has fifteen-year experiences as leader in extra-school education, street boys' programs, life outdoors, alternative education and development and social integration in World Organization of the Scout Movement and in contacts with UNESCO, for intermission and to service of this organization. He is familiarized with ambient Windows and programs average edition. He reads, speaks and writes in French; he reads in Spanish, English, Italian and German; autodidactic in Romance Philology, he knows archaisms of the Neo-Latin languages and some variants of Latin. He is devoted the intense literary activity and painting now.

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Revisão de textos acadêmicos é nosso foco. Revisamos e formatamos teses e dissertações. Quinze.. anos de experiência.

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Revisão de textos é Keimelion - especializada em teses, dissertações, monografias, artigos.. científicos, relatórios. Grande experiência com produção acadêmica. Revisamos obras.. literárias e publicidade.

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A revista do polímata. As diversas obras que aqui se reúnem conterão erros. Acostume-se a essa.. ideia ou se abstenha de ler. O autor é culpado por blague no blog, paráfrase, emulação,.. paródia.

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Não há descrição para se estar em Ouro Preto. É um estar complexo para ser completo, só pela.. vivência se pode assimilar essa experiência. Venha estar conosco.

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Solteiro, acadêmico nas áreas de Arte, História, Letras, Direito, Sociologia, Política e.. Educação. Cursei História na Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto. A principal atividade exercida.. atualmente é a de Revisor Acadêmico e Literário.

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