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I LOVE animals. I'm not picky either, feathers, fur or fins...... I can't get enough!

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  • Happiness in small moments
    on Jan 31, 2011 in Family Pets Pic of the Day
    My Shelties bring me joy in this terrible time when my home state, Queensland is suffering great loss from floods...
  • A Miracle During War
    on Jan 10, 2011
    I read this story online today.
  • Italy Loves Their Family Pets
    on Oct 16, 2010 in Discussions
      I’m currently on my first trip to Italy and apart from loving the scenery, food and art I’m also falling in love with the way that Italian culture reveres its beloved family pets.  Without fail, whatever town or city we happ...
  • Memories of a monkey on my nose...
    on Sep 24, 2010 in Discussions
    I'm about to depart on my first overseas adventure since returning from Canada in 2006. Needless to say I'm very excited!!   Where am I going you may ask?  Italy and France!  Italy has been a dream of mine since I first watch...
  • Magpie Hotspots
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Discussions
    I was listening to the radio yesterday, while on the way home from work and to my delight I heard that a newspaper website had started a Magpie Hotspot Map.   If you've read my last blog, then you will be aware that here in Australia, its...
  • Italy & France
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Discussions
    I'm off to italy and France at the end of this month!   Its a dream come true!   I am interested in hearing advice from anyone who has been to these two beautiful countries!!!!!   Tiffany...
  • Magpies Swoop into Action in Spring
    on Aug 28, 2010 in Discussions
    If you've never visited Australia, then you may have a skewed, media derived view of what its like here.  Every country has those cliched stereotypes that it has to live down and Australia is no exception.  Its actually quite fun when t...
  • Stick Figure Families Phenomenon
    on Aug 26, 2010 in Discussions
    Is it just in Australia, or have stick figure family car decals taken over the world?  Almost a year ago I was driving to work and saw on the back window of a 4WD (SUV) someone's family portrayed in stick figures.  They had mum, dad, th...
  • Humpback Whale Breaching off Hamilton Island
    on Aug 23, 2010 in Pic of the Day
  • My Headphones Blinded Me!
    on Aug 18, 2010 in Discussions
    Ok, its a slight exaggeration to say that my headphones blinded me, but, I noticed a couple of days ago that they were drastically reducing my ability to notice things going on around me.  Confused?  Let me explain.  I walk my two Sh...
  • Can Fence
    on Aug 12, 2010 in Family Pets
    For those of you out there who have dogs that just seem to be able to escape any type of fence....  Maybe this is your answer.....hmmmm, maybe not.  ...
  • Clever Pedigree Dog Food Ad!
    on Aug 9, 2010 in Pic of the Day
  • Shelties Doing Zoomies
    on Aug 8, 2010 in Family Pets
    Nothing makes me laugh more than when I see my Shelties Leo and Misty doing 'Zoomies'.  That's what we call it when they tear around like maniacs.  Here's Misty and Leo in zoomie mode this weekend.  Enjoy!
  • Whale Giving Birth off Australian Coast
    on Aug 5, 2010
  • Tiffany's TOP 10 Animal Encounters .... So far!!
    on Aug 4, 2010 in TOP 10's
    Yesterday I put together my Top 10 animal encounters 'wish list' so today I thought I would let everyone know what sorts of animal encounters I have already had.   This TOP 10 is not all about the most fun, or exciting animal experienc...
  • Pic of the Day
    on Aug 4, 2010 in Pic of the Day
      Baby Marmoset playing in the trees with its family. Taken at Praia de Pipa, Brazil                           If you'd like to see one of y...
  • Tiffany's TOP 10 'Wildlife Encounter' Bucket List
    on Aug 3, 2010 in TOP 10's
    Where in the world would you go for a wildlife encounter if money was not an issue?  I have put together my TOP 10 list of wildlife encounters I want to experience before I die.  What's on your list?   1.  Swim with Humpback...
  • Can Animals Help Humans Who Have Depression?
    on Aug 2, 2010 in null
    I wanted to pose this question and then write up all the scientific findings to prove to you all that 'animals DO help humans who have depression'.  Being studious me, I spent a good part of a day researching to find the defini...
  • Tell me your story........
    on Jul 15, 2010 in Discussions
    I know how much I love animals. I'm really interested in hearing how much other people do too. Have you looked a lion in the eye in the wilds of Africa? Have you swum with whale sharks? Does your dog make you feel like a rockstar everytime you ar...
  • Hello World!
    on Jul 14, 2010
    Hi There!  My name is Tiffany.  Anyone who know's me, knows that I'm an 'animal person'.  From the cutest puppy to the biggest whale, they all inspire me and give me that warm fuzzy feeling.   I've been lucky...

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