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MB Recordings is a Spanish record label based in Barcelona, and moved to London. The Label wants to be a new experience for new trends and new sounds, sounds of the immediate future.

The idea behind MB Recordings is to find fresh tracks from brand new talents now unknown in the musical market and to support their releases with remixes of well known artists. The roster of our own artists include names as Bertech, Loiter, Lopy aka Minimorph, J-Nat, Phraxis, Ramiro Lopez, Odizeus C., LumeQ and Le Pet. For the remixes we count on artists like Sasha Carassi, Maurizio Vitiello, Alejandro Lopez aka Jandroide, Bruno D from Citizen Kain or Jaumëtic.

““MB Recordings At the moment we're planing all the release stuff and are talking to future digital distribution partners & producers. The things are moving forward, so be prepared for our first release in the near future.

- MB Recordings -
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MB Recordings Recordings es un nuevo sello, donde podras encontrar todas las tendencias actuales,.. apoyo a nuevos talentos y artistas, apostando fuerte por una tendencia alternativa

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