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A technical blog related to my experience and work in the field of computers, programming, web,.. linux.

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Other Tags: Technology, Linux, Programming C/c++, Web, PHP

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  • Why one should anyone update to Windows 8?
    on Oct 30, 2012
    Software giant Microsoft finally released Windows 8 for the general public on 26th October, 2012. With its totally new metro style UI and totally cool new features, this operating system has managed to create some buzz. Windows 8 will come on desktop...
  • Getting started with Linux File System
    on Dec 15, 2010
    Via my friend Sachin Nain... Linux is a open source so every body has the freedom to put their source codes where he/she wants(Just like a person who want to decorate his home he is free to put things where he likes it). There are no boundation reg...
  • Chrome Experiments: Web experiments and more...
    on Dec 14, 2010
    Chrome Experiments is a showcase for creative web experiments, the vast majority of which are built with the latest open technologies, including HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL. Users interested could submit their experiments in the same and demonstr...
  • My first experience with Webmin
    on Dec 10, 2010
    Today I will share my first experience with webmin. It happened sometime back but I am expressing it to you all now. I was shifting one of the servers from windows platform to linux. It was then I got to know of webmin from one of my seniors who was...
  • Configuring LAMP on Ubuntu
    on Dec 10, 2010
    This post is for those who have a very little knowledge of linux based operating systems. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, Mysql, Php. The following are steps to install LAMP on Ubuntu. Installation guide for Apache. To start off with the installatio...
  • Simple C++ code on g++ compiler
    on Aug 28, 2010
    I remember my encounter with the g++ compiler, it was just before a coding competition. Owing my background to Windows and turboc, it was a good experience to work on linux(Ubuntu) and g++ compiler.  The following simple steps show how to write...