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“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”. ……….this quote from ‘Stephen King’ kept echoing in my ears and I kept on saying, “Yes, I can”, “Yes, I should” and “Yes, I will”.

Today, when I see that the blog is nearly complete and ready to be launched…I scream aloud..”Yes, I Did it” or is it “Yes, we did it”

There are some friends that I really want to appreciate and thank because even though my name is prominently displayed on the blog, there have been a few forces assisting me with this project :-.

Sylvia, without her whip and punches and pokes (as I often said to her) I presumably would have never started with this blog. She always believed in me and was/is one of the main driving forces behind me working on this blog to make it a reality. Her belief in me, her sound advice and loyal friendship is something that I will love and cherish. You will see more about her on this blog as she too has chipped in with recipes and is a major part of this blog.

Joyce, who motivated and supported me in her own way. Going through pictures, giving critique and praise and helping out with the editing and forever encouraging me. She too has contributed with some recipes and I must say ‘Watch out for this one……she is a show-stopper’ and you will get to know and love her as much as I do.

Derrick, my husband, who has been my backbone and strength. Thank you Derrick; you are one person, whom I can always depend and lean on. And I know that you are proud of me and am sure I’ll make you prouder one day.

My priorities in life are my family, my job and my friends; but more importantly there is a part of me, that wants to accomplish more, be more artistic and creative, and not be ensnared in the mill of routine mundane things. I experiment in various avenues, and sometimes I ask myself; am I a Judy-of-all-trades and Mistress of none?

Besides working on an 8-5 job, I am a mother to three young boys, a Toastmaster, a Daring Baker, and a Chocolatier. I started with ZERO skills, and now I can say I’ve had the privilege of making quite a few celebration cakes, catered lunch/dinner for 40 + guests at short notice and if I can learn to do it, so can you! I can not only talk about “FOOD” but can also cook and share food and its recipes with one, all and many.

I can’t wait to share with you my photos, recipes, reviews, favorite kitchen equipment, helpful hints, and so on.

With ‘Bring on the Chef in You”, we want to motivate and make you try out the recipes, and make yourself happy, and the people around you happy and smiling. Aim for the moon; and even if you don’t get there, at least you could land with the stars….. that’s what we want ‘Bring on the Chef in You’ to do to you.

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments to encourage and support us. !!!


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A lot of love, time, effort has gone into creating this blog... we would appreciate your feedback and comments. Happy Cooking!

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