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I like social development, travel, conversation, public art, cheap theatre tickets, hats, cocktails, open fires, the cold side of the pillow, folk music, hot tea, frozen melon, carnivals and seemingly, lists.
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The loathes, loves and laughs of a Welsh girl currently living in Uganda. Featuring tales of.. derring-do, mishaps, fortunate events, wee observations etc. I have the propensity of falling.. over in public.. a lot.

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  • Are you shitting me?!
    on Feb 13, 2012
    Of recent times my walk to work has become seriously blighted, not only by parents who think its perfectly acceptable to force you to step out into the road because they and their children deserve the whole of the pavement, but by something marginall...
  • Shitting Hell
    on Feb 13, 2012
    Of recent times my walk to work has become seriously blighted, not only by parents who think its perfectly acceptable to force you to step out into the road because they and their children deserve the whole of the pavement, but by something marginall...
  • One hundred and eeeeeighty
    on Jan 16, 2012
    For me, the best sporting week of the year isn’t the Six Nations finals, Wimbledon, the FA cup, it isn’t even the Olympics when it finally comes around after a 3 year hiatus. In honesty I’m not even sure if my favourite sporting event of the ye...
  • Ali's return to Wanderland
    on Jan 8, 2012
    For weeks… well, months actually, I’ve been thinking that I need to get blogging again. Somehow though time has passed and I have failed to do the simplest of things, write something that could fill this space, this miniscule amount of cyber spac...
  • Life Little Aspects part II
    on May 16, 2011
    As discussed in the first part of Life’s Little Aspects, it’s often best to put your preconceptions aside when it comes to life in East Africa as things are definitely not always as they seem.OpenessIf there’s one thing that can be said for Ug...
  • A little planning goes a long way
    on May 8, 2011
    If there is a city that is less pedestrian friendly than Kigali I’m yet to find it. Maybe it’s because I am the daughter of not one, but two, town planners that I pay attention to such things, but I’m pretty sure that any visitor to the capital...
  • Pressing issues
    on May 3, 2011
    Sometimes I am genuinely shocked by what I see in the newspapers here in Uganda. Yes, by all means report the facts but there are ways and means. Like in most countries the quality of journalism relies heavily on which paper you chose to read but eve...
  • Picking the perfect pineapple
    on May 3, 2011
    When surviving almost solely on carbohydrates it is essential that one takes steps to prevent scurvy. The best way to do this, in my non-medical opinion, is via good old fruit and veg. A delicious tomato and avocado sandwich here, some spaghetti with...
  • Catch it, kill it!
    on Apr 28, 2011
    Today I committed mass murder. Now, before you start calling the authorities, or start referring to me as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or another dictator of your choice let me explain. The murder was of mosquitoes, and maybe an innocent spider or two. T...
  • Women's Troubles
    on Apr 26, 2011
    Let’s face it, as Tammy Wynette sang sometimes it’s hard to be a womaaaaan. I concede that it may also sometimes be hard to be a man, but frankly I have very limited experience of that and thus I will talk only about what I know. However, I think...
  • Walking: the new controversy
    on Apr 19, 2011
    Walking from my house into town is not a long distance, it doesn’t take very long but as I’m walking there, various cyclists and motorbike drivers are offering me lifts, amazed that I am walking, you know, actually using my legs. I am met with ch...
  • You are smart!
    on Apr 13, 2011
    Now, when I think of people being smartly dressed I think of good tailoring, pencil skirts, suits, outfits suitable for a wedding, shiny shoes, coiffure-d hair. Needless to say, I am not, even in Britain with its mod cons and beauty treatments on tap...
  • Ugandan - English
    on Apr 5, 2011
    The official languages of Uganda are Ki-Swahili and English. However, this is very much Ugandan-English and should not be confused with English as we know it. It is also important to note that R and L are interchangeable thus pray = play, load = road...
  • Getting used to it
    on Mar 24, 2011
    When people say you can get used to anything it’s a lie. I know it’s a lie because after 6 months of living in Uganda I still suck my breath into the back of my throat and do a little jig when I turn on the shower. It’s not that I am super happ...
  • One Month On
    on Mar 21, 2011
    Post election violence in Kenya, Mugabe in Zimbabwe and the recent troubles in Egypt, Ivory Cost, Tunisia and Libya, we’ve all seen how things can quickly get out of hand when it comes to politics in Africa. Therefore I was somewhat nervous about b...
  • 27 by 27
    on Mar 16, 2011
    Happy Birthday to meeee! Today is my 25th birthday, here I am a quarter of a century and whilst I’ve done a lot of great stuff in my lifetime there are still many things (large and small) that I still want to achieve. Therefore why not give...
  • Life's Little Aspects: Part 1
    on Mar 13, 2011
    Forget about dictionary definitions and the blueprints in your mind, when it comes to things like food, time and housework the same rules simply don’t apply in Uganda. As it’s the small things that really make up life, let’s go through a few de...
  • Bibliophilia
    on Mar 9, 2011
    I think it would be fair to say that since childhood I have been a fully fledged bookworm, I love to read. By age 4 I had read every copy of Topsy and Tim books that my local library had to offer (including the ones I had specifically asked to be bro...
  • Unwanted Attention
    on Mar 5, 2011
    Yesterday whilst sitting enjoying a mountain of meat with some friends, and, perhaps more importantly, minding my own business I was handed a note by another patron in the restaurant. This is in fact not the first letter that has been slipped over a...
  • Stop, Look and Listen
    on Feb 27, 2011
    I, like most children in the Western world, was taught from a young age about the dos and don’ts concerning safety. Mantras like don’t talk to strangers, don’t play with matches, stop look and listen are drilled into our skulls until following...

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