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This a technology blog where you will get tips , tricks , tutorials , facts about computers ,.. internet , programming , web designing and development windows , various software and much more.. stuffs

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  • Facts about Google Search Engine
    on Sep 23, 2013 in Google GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE useful info
    Google Search or Google Web Search is a web search ...
  • Load facebook chat in mozilla firefox sidebarFacebook which is the most used social networking website by ...
  • Cool and funny Google searching tricks
    on Sep 16, 2013 in Google funny GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE
    Below are some cool and funny tricks which will amaze ...
  • JHTML | Java Within HyperText Markup LanguageJHTML stands for Java HTML. This is a page authoring system developed at Art Technology Group (ATG). Files with extension “. JHTML” file extension contain standard HTML tags, in addition to the property tags that reference Java objects ru...
  • Great Mozilla firefox funny tips and tricksThis are some great tricks whixh animates your mozilla firefox window in different ways Just enter the Blue coloured text in mozilla address bar and press enter to see magic chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul IT Shows Dancing Firefox. chrome://...
  • Windows xp run short-cuts
    on Aug 29, 2013 in WINDOWS XP TIPS & TRICKS
    This is a post i have made in which i have included all windows xp run short-cuts. Just goto start -> RUN and enter the short-cuts. To access RUN from keyboard press windows + R. sndrec32 - record sound without any software drwtsn32 - Dr watson t...
  • The New Facebook Timeline simple tips and tricksView All Your Timeline Content Facebook’s mysterious algorithm decides which stories will showcase on your Timeline. However, it also includes half-hidden posts. Posts that are marked on your Timeline, but not displayed, are noted by a blue dot...
  • Glossary of Internet terms Part-P/R
    on Aug 13, 2013
    P Pageview The display of a web page by a user agent. Counting the total pageviewsoffers a good measure of web site popularity. Password A secret text snippet that allows a user to access a restricted area, upgrade software, and other uses. A good pa...
  • Facts about youtube | No. 1 video sharing site
    on Aug 13, 2013
    YouTube is the no.1 video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. It was created on 14th February 2005 which is valentine day. The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash Video technology to display...
  • List of facebook chat emoticons and Smiles
    on Aug 12, 2013 in Facebook facebook INTERNET useful info
     Want to add some spice to your new Facebook chat conversations? Here are the obvious (and maybe not so obvious) smilies/emoticons/emotes that you can use in your Facebook chats! Just type what’s under the picture and it’ll pop up in your chat!
  • List of facebook chat emoticons and Smiles
    on Aug 12, 2013
     Want to add some spice to your new Facebook chat conversations? Here are the obvious (and maybe not so obvious) smilies/emoticons/emotes that you can use in your Facebook chats! Just type what’s under the picture and it’ll pop up in your chat!
  • Glossary of Internet terms Part-S/T
    on Aug 12, 2013
    S SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface. Used for connecting peripherals to your computer via a standard hardware interface. This is mainly found on older computer systems. Search Engine A web site providing searchable database of the content located...
  • Glossary of Internet terms Part-L/M/N/O
    on Aug 11, 2013
    L LAN Local Area Network. A LAN is a computer network limited to a confined space, such as within a building, one floor of a building, or just to certain offices scattered about a building. Linux A widely used, open-source operating system with many...
  • Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts
    on Aug 11, 2013
    Below are some cool internet explorer keyboard short-cuts through which you can surf fast and easily.   CTRL+A - Select all items on the current page CTRL+D - Add the current page to your Favorites CTRL+E - Open the Search bar CTRL+F - Find on t...
  • Fix your windows , Mac or Linux in just two steps | An Infographic
    on Aug 10, 2013
    This is a post which is some what a humorous kind. Here you will know how know to fix your problems very easily in just two simple steps. The Oatmeal, however, has a different approach. Artist Matthew Inman breaks down the three major operating syste...
  • Glossary of Internet terms Part-D/E/F
    on Aug 10, 2013
    D Dedicated Server A computer that runs only one type of server software and is usually configured according to the user’s specifications. Dedicated servers are typically used for high-traffic web sites that need dedicated processing power. Dem...
  • All about Internet marketing | Search engine optimization(SEO)
    on Aug 9, 2013
    Today there are about millions of websites online .  When you search on google did you ever thought why some websites come on top as first results on specific key words? This is all because of SEO ( Search engine optimization) SEO is a technique to...
  • What is a feed? | what is RSS feed?
    on Aug 9, 2013
    What is a FEED? A feed or a web feed (or news feed) is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe to it. Making a collection of web feeds acce...
  • How Google Works | Google Working Infographic
    on Aug 8, 2013
    Every search query you do is automatically part of an experiment, control group, or other tool designed to make search results more accurate? All that and much much much more is included in this time-suckingly fantastic infographic from PPC Blog. Cl...
  • Nice Facebook Song lyrics and Video
    on Aug 8, 2013
    I wouldn’t call myself a social butterfly And there’s not much that separates me from the other guy But when I login I begin to live There’s an online world where I am king Of a little website dedicated to me With pictures of me and a list of m...

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