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Fête Foraine (pronounced fet fo-ren) = a funfair, a carnival. Fête Foreign= a play on words used to describe the funfair that is my life in France. When I first arrived in France 8 years ago I attended a seminar entitled "Bloom Where You're Planted." The message was simple : living in France is challenging and you need to make the best of it. Having already built a life in another foreign country I thought : how hard can it be? Entrez, come on in, and find out . . .

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The fantastical every day life of an American-born French wife!

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  • SpecialEvery year, at this time, for the past 13+ years I have made the same cake. A chocolate mousse cake on a chewy coconut crust. It started as a "new recipe" and ended up becoming THE cake of the year---and every year thereafter. This year, though, I de...
  • CrêpesIt's that time of the year again. After the galette (frangipane almond paste smothered between butter-laden puff pastry) it is now time to get out the crêpes pans. Add a kilo or two of Nutella and other creamy goodness and you're fully equipped to t...
  • Guess.
    on Jan 2, 2013 in Daily Life Food
       That's what you should make your guests do when you serve them this soup.Try it. Two main ingredients.Endless possibilities. Smile!
  • Best Dip Ever!
    on Dec 28, 2012 in Food Holidays
    You have got to try this dip. Don't read the ingredient list too many times. It'll put you off. The end result is just Y U M M Y!  Hawaiian Island Dip Smile!
  • Foreign Food Fridays : They're Coming to Town!Who? My in-laws.I will serve them this yummy Italian tarte for dessert.   Smile!
  • Paris, Paris
    on Dec 26, 2012 in Daily Life Paris Holidays
    Paris during the holidays is lovely.....The weather was unusually mild....The people were nice (seriously they've improved so much)....The trains weren't on strike (but they will be tomorrow)...The shop windows were all aglow....The Nutella mutated..
  • The One With the Hamster Resurrection
    on Nov 3, 2012
    Source   Yesterday I found myself rubbing a rather cold, stiff hamster. Let's go back to the beginning. I don't want a dog. The Princesses two are always campaigning for un petit chien.  We went the way of the compromise and...
  • The One with the Nostalgia Induced Heart Attack
    on Sep 2, 2012 in France Daily Life Whaaaat
    It went like this : For years Monsieur has talked about his grandma's house where he used to spend his summers as a little boy. The house, the gardens, the memories made there. It sounded simply idyllic. So finally, we went back to the house, to see...
  • Confessions of a Sugarholic, Part 2
    on Aug 29, 2012 in France Daily Life Food
     Well here is the recipe. (I call it macaroon cake because if you beat the yolks and whites separately you'll end up with a cake that has the same texture as France's famous macarons.) The cake is delicious by itself, but for a special treat go...
  • Confessions of a Sugarholic : Part 1
    on Aug 27, 2012 in Daily Life Food Shape up Random
    The youngest princess used to ask me "what's for dessert?"--after breakfast. I'm going into my second year of consistently running and working out. It's become part of my life now and eventually I'll reach all my goals but until recently, I'd pretty...
  • Pants
    on Aug 17, 2012 in France summer
     One of the great things about lle de Ré are these donkeys. They were used for working the salt fields and the pants they wear protected their legs from mosquitos. Now they are mostly used for kids to ride on. Sweet, right? ...
  • Just in case ......
    on Aug 13, 2012 in France Random
    ..... you missed this article about Orleans, France in the New York Times..... ...
  • Les Vacances
    on Aug 13, 2012 in France Daily Life summer Holidays
    It's been quiet around here lately! I've come back from the first part of my vacation to the extremely beautiful Ile de Ré. The picture above is of the port in Saint Martin where they have the most amazing ice cream. So amazing, in fact, that La Mar...
  • Cupcake
    on Jul 25, 2012 in Daily Life Food summer
    Sometimes you need a cupcake. A yummy flour-less cupcake with an even yummier coconut frosting.  The first days of summer were full of.....well, RAIN. Lots of it. Buckets of rain. The wool socks came out, the kettle made tea again, and the heat...
  • 14.07 in Retrospect
    on Jul 25, 2012 in France summer Holidays
     For the past several years we've been graciously invited to watch the Bastille Day parade from one of the balconies on the Champs Elysées.  This year there was still plenty of space along the street, provided you relinquished your umbrell...
  • Mountains or Sea
    on Jul 6, 2012 in France Daily Life Holidays
      Finally! School is out and it is almost sunny!! For weeks now, as we parents were chomping at the bit and chanting "the end is near, the end is near", the question on everybody's lips was : so....where are you going? Basically the questi...
  • Wordless Wednesday : Yum!
    on Jul 4, 2012 in Food Wordless Wednesday
    Summer. Brought to you by chocolate cake and homemade Nutella ice-cream.
  • Happy Meal
    on Jun 25, 2012 in France Daily Life Food Random
    Sometimes all a girl needs on a Monday is a little wine and a little chocolate. Here's to great week everyone!
  • French Food Fridays: TroubleThis apple juice is nothing but trouble......  **Trouble (troo-bleh)= unfilteredBon week-end à tous!     ...
  • The Other Woman
    on Jun 13, 2012 in France Daily Life woman Whaaaat
    Rottweiler. Hmm. We've heard that one before--used to describe Camilla Parker-Bowles who was rather in the same position as France's current First Girlfriend.It must be said that statistics were against her. Statistically, men don't leave their wives...