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  • Modified Car BMW X 6 modifier la Russia
    on Feb 7, 2011 in BMW
    Russia probably is not the mecca of modification. However, through the BMW X6 black berkelir it feels is worthy if the tuner works peek behind the greatness of the country.No doubt, the BMW X6 does inspire a lot of home modifications as the car to ch...
  • Yamaha FZ8 and Fazer8 Newest putting out Being Original
    on Feb 7, 2011 in YAMAHA
    FZ8 model and Fazer8 carrying frame and engine capacity of 779cc FZ1 model base. It's just that for both models is the ability to collapse the diameter reduced engine piston with the same steps, so the ability of power and torque reduced. Yamaha's ow...
  • Lamborghini
    on Feb 5, 2011 in History Car
    Lamborghini Gallardo was first introduced in the event the Geneva Motor Show 2003. And when it became one of the center of attention among sports cars are ready for production. The visitors also wanted to answer the curiosity, whether fruit acquisit...
  • classic beta bikes and motorcycles
    on Feb 5, 2011 in Unique Motor
    classic beta bikes used classic beta bikesantique beta motorcycles beta motorcycles vintagerare beta bikes vintagebest classic beta bikes picture ...
  • Ducati Multistrada 1200
    on Feb 5, 2011 in Sport Motorcycle
    Multistrada 1200 have more allroad concept. as the name "Multi Strada" than previous versions of the concept of "Softroader". It is obvious from Ground clereance higher setting foot on the foot which is more powerful and rigid as well as the place...
  • Electric scooter belonging Peugeot
    on Feb 4, 2011 in Unique Motor
    MANUFACTURER French automotive, Peugeot, is better known as one of the famous brand four-wheel vehicles. But, in fact Peugeot is also producing motorcycles. Items that they have developed are electric scooters. After a vacuum a few years, manufactur...
  • Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle World's Fastest
    on Feb 4, 2011 in Unique Motor
     Dodge, automotive companies from Michigan, USA, issued a motor jumbo. Motor that was mentioned was the fastest in the world has four wheels (2 in rear and 2 in front). Motorcycle concept called the Dodge Tomahawk has a 500 hp 8.3-liter power. S...
  • World's Most Expensive Motorcycle: Heretic Titanium RR
    on Feb 4, 2011 in Unique Motor
    Want to know the world's most expensive motorcycle? The answer: Heretic Titanium RR produced by Ecosse Moto Works in Denver, Colorado, USA. Motor produced only 10 units in the world. This luxury motor produced 2007. The price is USD 275 000 equivalen...
  • Aprilia RS125 Indonesia Will Go
    on Feb 4, 2011 in Sport Motorcycle
    Good news for lovers of Aprilia. PT Sentra Creative Commerce (SKN), importer and distributor in Indonesia announced the official Aprilia, Aprilia RS125 will bring to Indonesia next April. In his native Italy, the RS125 is quite popular. RS125 2-...
  • BMW Motorcycles
    on Feb 4, 2011 in Unique Motor
    BMW is not only known as a world class car manufacturer, but also a reliable motor manufacturer. Here are some types of BMW motor output. ...
  • Most Expensive Car replica, price is Rp 40 Billion
    on Feb 4, 2011 in Unique Car
    For a collector of miniature cars, perhaps a model Bugatti Veyron will be the peak ofhis pride. Imagine, a miniature of the world's most expensive car is worth about...
  • The world's first car
    on Feb 4, 2011 in History Car
    A vehicle called a car is a wheeled vehicle contained four or more engine of its own (self-propelled vehicle) with the operation by a driver for less than four-wheeled vehicles are not called a car, usually just called a three-wheeled vehicle or two...
  • Rolls-Royce Apparition Modifications blend of Classical and Futuristic
    on Jan 28, 2011 in Unique Car
    Amazing concept called the Rolls-Royce Apparition created by Jeremy Westerlundfrom Dallas. He was designed as an independent project while studying at the Art Center School of Design. The car has a different geometric lines are sharp, large hoodand P...
  • 125.150 and 150 GS Vespa 1957
    on Jan 21, 2011 in Vespa
    Today so many companies that manufacture automotive vehicles, including motorcycles Vespa, but there is little difference between Vesap with other motors, namely the sale price of a vespa it will be higher if the age is getting older vespa, as with V...
  • Vespa Indonesian Independence (1945)
    on Jan 21, 2011 in Vespa
    Everyone would know when asked what was the Vespa, at least they will tell you that the Vespa is a motor scooter that has a uniq design, and different from other types of motors, but not everyone knows that the real Vespa has been around since the ti...
  • Unique Cars Made in Indonesia
    on Jan 21, 2011 in Unique Car
    Although not all components are native to Indonesia, still the design to assembly, all done by expert hands of the Indonesian nation. It seems, because the state of transportation in this country are not so good, like congestion in big cities, and ba...
  • Classic Vespa
    on Jan 14, 2011 in Vespa
    The birth of the Vespa Sprint in mid-decade 1960'an as one variant of the Piaggio scooter production, is quite steal the attention of the Scooter in the world. With the initial appearance that almost resembles a Vespa Grand Lux, Vespa 150 Sprint...
  • More Attractive The Older Vespa
    on Jan 14, 2011 in Vespa
    Most of the Vespa finally retired. However, in 1994, fans of the old Vespa began to attract attention when it comes to the vespa that has been modified in such a way, especially when located on the highway. Modification of the unique Vespa pulled...
  • Classic and Retro Futuristic Sport
    on Jan 14, 2011 in Sport Motorcycle
    Trends modification of motorcycles in Indonesia in 2011 will be dominated by the concept of sport futuristic and retro classics. "Tendency modification of two concepts that have actually appeared in the last three years. However, the concept wi...
  • Main Step Modified Cars
    on Jan 6, 2011 in Modification Tips
    If you really new in terms of modifications, you can easily conceded alias bag over budget because it was too excited, or it could be any feeling of regret after getting the final result is beyond expectation. Therefore it is good you use the serv...