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An Independent Filipina Girl's Take On The World. Music, movies, society, tips, photography,.. passion, love, psychology and so much more

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  • Bangkok for Dummies
    on Feb 4, 2013
    Bangkok's a pretty straight forward place, and it looks a lot like the Philippines (Manila-ish).  It's a shopping mecca and a foodie heaven. *enough said* Everything is insanely affordable (especially food).  Trip Happiness:&nbs...
  • Coron: Chillin' Cruisin' and Crazy fun
    on Jan 4, 2013
    This was 6 months in the making for 16 people and NO they didn't all confirm at the same time regardless of the ultimatums and deadlines we made. haha.  My good friend and I were the ones coordinating the trip for the entire group. And let me t...
  • Two Takeaways from Hemingway
    on Jan 4, 2013 in Reading Books
    Randomly bumped into Hemingway this week and we had a short chat about the last days of his life.  But seriously, I stumbled upon reading a short article about Ernest Hemingway's life and became deeply intrigued about his last days and w...
  • DiCapac is a Beach Bum's Best Friend
    on Jan 4, 2013
    If you’re a DSLR Owner and you like to beach bum, then definitely you need to invest in a good water-proof case. ` Buying mine, was the best investment I made. For Three simple reasons:  3. AVOID WATER DAMAGE:  DSLRs are prone to water...
  • Bora Break: Short, Sweet, & Sulit!
    on Jan 4, 2013
    For my first time trip in Boracay, Philippines-- I went with my good friends. It was last-minute so we really didn't get the best out of any piso-fare or discounts we booked 2 weeks before we planned to go so we had to get a Travel Agency's help.&nbs...
  • First Pre-Nup Shoot Ever with Loka Photography
    on Jan 4, 2013
    let's start this off with Thank You's:  Thank God for the great weather, since the week after and the weeks before was storm, after storm after storm.  Thanks, Diana and Adrian! for Trusting us with the pre-nup for your wedding.  Thank...
  • My Best 12 for 2012
    on Dec 30, 2012
    2012 has been, to date, one of the most awesome years ever. And here's my top 12 picks of things I'm ow so very much grateful for last 2012. :) 12. Got everything I wanted, and more. I began the year in asking for: Youth, Wings, and Purpose without...
  • Keepers, Passers By and Destroyers
    on Dec 30, 2012
    Whenever I'm asked why I have 2 social media accounts, I always find it so hard to answer and a little embarrassing. I mean, it's not significant and i'm no celebrity to be maintaing more than one account but I do and it's no secret (haha). So...
  • Weekday Escape: Music & Books
    on Dec 21, 2012
    While looking for something to read, I recently (and weirdly) stumbled upon the Harvard Classics. It's a collection of classic works compiled in 1909 by then Harvard President Charles W. Eliot.  That day I was listening to Instru...
  • Fear & Cliff Diving
    on Dec 21, 2012 in Adventure Travel Boracay
    Last month, my friends and I went to Boracay for a short vacay (review to follow).We went to Ariel's Point (which is beautiful, by the way).  We went to Ariel's Point to go cliff diving. So we got there, and went around the area first, before...
  • Food For Thought: The Old Lady In Me
    on Dec 21, 2012 in food for thought
    Whenever I have my quiet time, I always see myself as an old lady looking back at her life. I imagine myself with wrinkles and gray hair, dry lips and flabby skin, sitting in a rocking chair looking while looking at the sunset as I'm holding a good b...
  • Back to Blogging?
    on Dec 21, 2012
    Haven't really decided if I'd like to or how i'd like to continue blogging. But in the mean time, i'll just go with the cliche and 'follow my heart' and write. :)...
  • Congrats to the winners! :)
    on Dec 21, 2012
    Hi Guys! :) thanks for helping out for my sister's project. :) with that i'd like to congratulate the winners ( likers & sharers) of my baby sis' social media project. :) 1. Denise Que 2. Patty Tan 3. Julia Geronimo...
  • Barkada Trip Advisory
    on Jul 31, 2012
    3 Things I value when Planning A trip with my FriendsI like planning trips with my friends. Planning and investing time to plan is not an issue for me. Project management is my line of work, and as the type 3 that I am, I tend to apply the core conce...
  • We're All Going To Die
    on Mar 22, 2012
    Death is the only thing I fear (aside from cockroaches which I just find annoyingly irritating). Death, because death is something I cannot control. Death is something I cannot decide on. It is, and always will be, out of my control. But death is a...
  • When you should have said NO.
    on Mar 22, 2012
     (no) is not the easiest answer to give, especially for people pleasers. I find that Filipinos (no pun intended), including myself, sometimes find it hard (actually very difficult) to say no.  We find it hard to say no to people who...
  • when life is in your control
    on Mar 22, 2012
    when you know that your life is in your control; when you acknowledge that things external to you can only be influenced and not fully controlled; when you realize that what happens to you is directly related to the things you decide on but...
  • Why can't people just answer my questions?
    on Mar 22, 2012
    Sometimes, I wonder why people find it so hard to answer my questions. I think, I give the very simple questions-- they usually start with a: What, When, Where, How. I'm even kind enough to put "why" questions in the "difficult" or "challenging" leve...
  • Figuring Out: That I don't have things figured out
    on Mar 13, 2012
    They say: admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.  And that's it. I'm addicted to indecision.  Of recent, that's what I've figured out: That I don't have things all figured out yet. And most of the people I met?
  • To Every Guy Who Wants To Date
    on Mar 13, 2012
    Hi There, Let me start off by saying: I'm not the girl for you. There have been some that made the mistake to think I was. I hope you don't make that same mistake. Simply because, I've lost a few good friends who made that wrong assumption. And it...