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ELT High School Teacher, Morocco.

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Heaps of ideas do suggest themselves for a while and never show up again. Such.. uncalled-and-uncared-for ideas are my undivided concern. I impatiently await them-- to capture them... Most of the time, they take you aback-- in lavatories!!!

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An open space for baccalaureate students to brush up on their English before sitting for quizzes.. and/or tests.

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  • Teaching and Culture
    on Feb 11, 2011
    What is the nature of the liaison held between TEACHING and CULTURE? For most Pedagogues and practitioners, when you are teaching a language, you are, willy-nilly, teaching a culture. But this is not my utmost concern behind writing this essay. In fa...
  • Bray or Pray!!!
    on Jan 27, 2011
    Isn't the donkey's loud sound, bray, as musical and artful as other animals?!Just because you don't like it means that the bray is not musical or worthing listening to! In our culture, Moroccan and Muslim, the donkey's loud sound is socially and reli...
  • Nest of Rest Doesn't Exist???
    on Jan 27, 2011
         Once upon a time, and a dark time it was, there was an old man living in a metropolitan city. Though living in such a city and having a high-rank profession there, the old man still never felt at ease. Unable to know why he w...
  • The Kitten's Mystery
    on Jan 16, 2011
    As a matter of habit, I always wake up on birds' chirppings, regardless of how much I stay  late. But on that day (sunday), and as a matter of exception, a kitten's mews disturbed my peace of sleep.  Yelling, screaming and shouting was she...
  • I was About to Forget
    on Jan 11, 2011
    He filled the petrol tank. He skimmed through the car papers. He put oil. He checked the tyres. He got on his car, then he fastened the seat-belt. Sure, he is now travelling and the speedometer does not exceed ninety kph. All of a sudden, a shar...
  • Which is Which?!
    on Dec 20, 2010
    A radically different world is suggesting itself forcefully, mercilessly, and persistently. I thought it had been what I just yearned for formerly. A change of the wokplace does not necessarily engender a change of mind-- my state of mind.
  • Seclusion is Integration!!!
    on Dec 8, 2010
    “How come that seclusion is integration! That’s hodge-podge”, a reader might say. I will show you, dear confused readers who judge a piece of writing from its title, in what way seclusion is per se integration. This essay is an attempt towards...
  • The Suspicious Numbers
    on Dec 6, 2010
    Without making her aware of it, I erased --with a touch of my finger-- all the suspicious numbers from my mobile phone; then I put it in a place where she can easily see it. Acting as if I were not aware of it, my extremely jealous girlfriend secretl...
  • ثاني موقف سيجاري
    on Dec 6, 2010
  • The Fiasco
    on Dec 6, 2010
    I cannot remember when it was exactly...... but that was one night, inside a dark, still and gloomy operating theatre. A man laid down on a surgery table, surrendering to a very painful headache. In a trice, a surgeon entered the theatre, anaesthetiz...
  • Enegmatic Dichotomies!!!
    on Dec 6, 2010
    I was alone, all alone, doing nothing. In a twinkle of an eye, I felt it travelling throughout my body, penetrating my digestive system, having grasp of me. I suffered and I tranced. I remembered everything and I forgot all the things. It was part an...
  • أول موقف سيجاري
    on Dec 6, 2010
    حدث ذلك لما أردت شراء علبة سجائر، كان يوما ممطرا.غابت فيه الشمس؛ ناولته المبلغ، فناولني العلبة،ابتسم صاحب دكان التبغ بملء شدقيهمناولا إي...
  • In commemoration of my father's death
    on Dec 6, 2010
    That white drop -- dives deepInto being brings meScreaming, yelleing -- I stopTill a dropAs white as the firstPasses down my oesophagus.She As white as milkAs smooth as silkFrees me -- away.But again -- into another swaddleAs white as the firstI...
  • الأربعينية
    on Dec 6, 2010
    مرت السنون و مازادتني إلا  الحزن و الشجون بعد فراق الأب الحنون، فلازلت أذكر جيدا الكيفية التي تلقيت بها خبر وفاة والدي. ورغم أنني لم أست...
  • A Body for Sale
    on Dec 6, 2010
    The clock rang 10:00 pm. The pub was empty. She majestically loomed out of the entrance, dressed in a jewelled-like red coat, headed straightforwardly towards the ladies room. Exactly after quarter an hour, she appeared out again in an almost-naked d...
  • My first English poem when I was a high school student
    on Dec 6, 2010
    The Welfare of the PastGlorious times, when birds warbleLove, happiness were glitteringAll the moments had been enjoyableDay by day, I feel suffering.sorrow, depression and nightAre my only best friendsNothing could be evident and brightBut friendshi...
  • Why Seven?!
    on Dec 6, 2010
    We were together, lying on a typically Moroccan settee. With her head pillowed on my right thigh, she was merrily watching an American animated film. Meanwhile, I was questionably enthralled by the sort of the spell that seven-year-old girl fell unde...
  • Seeing or Believing?!
    on Dec 6, 2010
    One gargantuan part of every human being’s life is the duality of SEEING/BELIEVING. Unlike other creatures (at least the ones we could see, not those we believe they could be), the human being’s life “fluctuates” between two extremes: SEEING...
  • The Ostrich Policy
    on Dec 6, 2010
    "Since no one has seen me, I can do whatever I like and I'm on secure ground."How many of us, how many times, happen to "soliloquize" and echo the very quoted sentence?I bet every  breathing human being does utter it, on different situations and...
  • The Winds of Change in Morocco
    on Oct 11, 2010
       “ I would bet every euro I possess to invest and settle in Marrakesh for once and all”, a foreign friend of mine once told me.    Morocco has become a dreamland for foreingers as well as for Moroccans. A dream so dear...