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I am a Journalist in Tanjung Balai Karimun, Riau Islands, Indonesia
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  • Customs Seized Fuel Smuggler Rp221 Billion
    on Sep 30, 2012 in feature Law
    Special Regional Office of Directorate General of Customs Riau Islands province seized crude oil, high speed diesel ) and Marine Fuel Oil worth Rp221 billion in four cases of smuggling involving four tankers and a tugboat. "This is an achievem...
  • Riau Islands Looking for Models to Promote Batik
    on Sep 20, 2012
    The Foundation of Kepri Model Agency looking for models to promote the region's unique batik.       "We are looking for models to represent the national in Indonesia Model event while promoting Riau Islands's batik," sai...
  • Ship Carrying Alcoholic Beverages Arrested
    on Sep 12, 2012 in feature Law
    A cargo ship of named KM Kharisma carrying thousands cartons imported alcoholic beverages arrested by Customs patrol officer in waters off Batam, Riau Islands province. Illustration: Alcoholic Beverages Information gathered in the field, KM Kharism...
  • Slovakia Interested in Investing in Indonesia
    on Sep 10, 2012 in Economy feature
    Riau Islands Governor Muhammad Sani ( Slovakia's ambassador to Indonesia Stefan Rozkopal said, his country's very interested in investing in Indonesia and is developing a number of investments in some areas. "Free Trade Zone (FTZ) o...
  • A company will build Shipping Industry in Karimun
    on Aug 25, 2012
    A private Indonesia company interested in building the shipping industry in the 200 hectares of land in Meral district, Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province, which include free trade zone and free port (FTZ). "The name of our company has not been...
  • Using of Saipem Karimun's Helipad Monitored
    on Jul 27, 2012 in Economy feature
    The helipad built the Italian company PT Saipem Indonesia Karimun Branch monitored to anticipate misuse and unlawful legislation. "It's definitely being watched, each helicopter will land and depart must be reported to the airport tower in Bati Tebin...
  • BI Batam Prepare Rp1,9 Trillion Coming Lebaran
    on Jul 26, 2012 in Economy feature
    Bank of Indonesia (BI) Batam office setting currency Rp1, 9 trillion to serve the needs of the community cash before Lebaran 2012.        "BI is preparing Rp1 money, 9 billion for readiness Fitr," said Public Relations...
  • Give the Rohingya Muslim Political Asylum
    on Jul 25, 2012 in feature Politics
  • Batam Parliament Curse Bombing "Haluan Kepri" Daily
    on Jul 24, 2012 in feature Law
    Batam Parliament condemned the terrorist bombings that occurred in the printing building of "Haluan Kepri" Newspapers in Batam Riau Islands, Tuesday. "We condemn acts of terror in the building printing of Haluan Kepri daily," said Vice Chairman of B...
  • Police arrested 32 people over riots in Batam
    on Jun 19, 2012 in feature Law
    As many as 32 ​​people were arrested in connection with the case of two groups clashed in the Planet Holiday Hotel Batam on Monday evening (18/6). "Please be informed that we are now arrest 32 people, of which 28 from group B and four from the T...
  • Cardig Interests So Hang Nadim's Cargo Carriers
    on Jun 16, 2012 in Economy feature
    PT Cardig Aero Services Inc. (CASS) interested in becoming a cargo terminal operator in the Hang Nadim International Airport Batam, Riau Islands. "So far CASS-step approach in a feasibility study into the airport. Cooperation agreement has also been...
  • Marine Battalion Headquarters Location Not Specified
    on Jun 13, 2012 in Politics
    Fleet Commander of West Region Indonesia (Pangarmabar) Rear Admiral TNI Didit Ashaf Herdiawan said the location of 10th Battalion Marines headquarters of which will be placed in the Riau Islands province has not been determined. "The location has no...
  • Caterpillar will Investment 26.5 Million U.S. Dollars
    on Jun 10, 2012 in Economy feature
    Heavy equipment company Caterpillar from the United States to develop an investment worth 26.5 million U.S. dollars in Free Trade Zone and Free Port of Batam, Riau Islands. "The value of Caterpillar investment in Batam 26.5 million U.S. dollars," sa...
  • BP Batam Form of Bridge Damage Identification Team
    on Jun 8, 2012 in Law
    Batam - Agency for Concession (BP) Batam, Riau Islands, will form a team to identify the damaged of Barelang Bridge that was hit by a barge APC Aussie I, Wednesday (6/6). "The team is comprised of BP Batam technicians and PT Samudra Indonesia, the a...
  • Karimun's FTZ profitable Entrepreneurs only
    on Apr 27, 2012 in Economy feature
    Karimun, Riau Islands, - The implementation of free trade zone status in some parts of the island of Karimun Besar, Karimun, Riau Islands province only benefit employers, said Zainal Azman of LMB.Datuk Azman as Commander of the Regional Executive Boa...
  • Listrik akan Hambat Penerapan Sidalih "Online" di Karimun
    on Apr 4, 2012 in feature Indonesiana Politics
    Karimun - Penerapan sistem pendataan pemilih (sidalih) menggunakan internet atau "online" daerah kepulauan di Kabupaten Karimun, Provinsi Kepulauan Riau diperkirakan akan terhambat keterbatasan energi listrik, kata anggota KPU Karimun Evi Herita. "S...
  • Singapore ask Batam-Singapore Cargo Rates Reduced
    on Apr 4, 2012 in Economy feature
    Batam - Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore asked Batam-Singapore cargo rates down to more economical, said Secretary of the Board of the Free Trade Zone and Free Port of Batam, Bintan and Karimun Jon Arizal. After the meeting joint of wor...
  • EDB Singapore Discuss SEZ Batam
    on Apr 4, 2012 in Economy feature
    Batam - Executive Development Board (EDB) in Singapore held a joint meeting of the Agency for Concession for Free Trade Zone and Free Port of Batam, Riau Islands Province, Wednesday. Consulate General of Public Relations of Singapore to Batam, Atik L...
  • Pelindo of Karimun optimize Revenue from waveguides
    on Mar 23, 2012 in Economy feature
    Karimun - PT Pelindo I (IPC) branch of Tanjung Balai Karimun, Riau Islands Province seeks to optimize revenue from services in the port waveguides ship to ship transfer in the Karimun Besar Island waters. "Managed services waveguides and waveguide de...
  • The Budget for Rehabilitation of uninhabitable houses Increase
    on Mar 23, 2012 in feature Social Culture
    Batam - Riau Islands Provincial Government increase the budget for the housing uninhabitable rehabilitation program from Rp154 billion in 2011 to Rp165, 8 billion by 2012. "The total budget of the house uninhabitable rehab program for this year amou...

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