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I am a 58 and back in college for the fourth time. I lost my job as a journalist when my newspaper decided to go into the "social networking for local businesses" and cut its local news coverage. I love to learn so I am happiest in a community of learners. I love to write. I love my husband, who is 60, has three degrees and is also unemployed.

My three dogs are saving my sanity. They give all and expect little. I have a German Shepherd who is a great watch dog. I can go almost anywhere with him and feel safe. He has "street cred". My pound pooch is a funny, loving girl. She is the only dog who gets to mess with the Shepherd. My old Bassett is is almost at the end of the line. She daily reminds me that patience and kindness must be practiced. They are not gifts but skills and I must work to keep them alive as they are easily overwhelmed by anger, grief and fear.

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